Eliud kipchoge is EXPLOITED.

Why is he not on a USD 20 million annual contract from NIKE?
Remember USAIN BOLT purse at PUMA was more than USD 10 million per year.
Lakini this humility nonsense from Kenyan runners will leave them poor…

They dont know how to negotiate… shauri yao.

Simple. Eliud aint like bolt. Eliud is withdrawn, akina bolt have millions of followers, are talkative, etc.

I thought Kalenjins know how to get the paper like nobody’s biznas. Get that cabbage.

Ama labda ilikuwa tu porojo.

He better take what is offered whilst hopping for higher recognition - if any.

If true kama hiyo net worth yake ya $3m ni ukweli then he is being underpaid for an athlete of his stature. But most of kenyan runners are being milked in their attempt kuhepa umaskini.

Not photogenic :smiley:

He has agents

Sura yake ni personal na hanaga charisma. He is always trying to philosophize everything, which can be quite irritating, especially since he’s a non intellectual. All his fortune cookie quotes are nothing noteworthy.

Wacheni umama. Kuleni hii[ATTACH=full]379299[/ATTACH]

Gay chocolate

Because of a few reasons

  1. Difference in personality.

a) Bolt is the Neymar of the Olympics. Seems fun to be around, easily likable, always up to antics, was always on world tours, has endless videos of himself dancing, very proud (never misses a chance to remind you that he is the best on interviews), flashy(pictures of himself wearing expensive designer clothing, gold jewelry, private jets, expensive cars) etc. Basically he is the image you expect of a superstar. I mean the guy is the fastest man in the world and his real name is Bolt for heavens sake.

Eliud is the total opposite. Very humble and super reclusive (always at his hometown when not on official duty, no one knows his private life really. )

b) Late adoption of a signature move. Eliud just recently created his signature pointing move then pumps on the chest. Usain created the To Di World aka Lighting Bolt aka Bolting move on his first Olympic appearance and win.

c) Proximity to the target market i.e. US. Easier to market a Caribbean personality in the US than a Kenyan. It doesn’t help that Kipchoge is yet to emigrate to the US. I would say Caribbean countries are to the US what South Sudan is to Kenya.

d) Relatability to the target market. Bolt is to the USA what Haile Gebrselassie and Kenenisa Bekele were to Kenya. Serious rivals and nightmare to an event dominated by the US. Sprints are the most dominant events for the US athletics team and the USA has been the most dominant country in the world in the 100, 200m and 4x100 relay since the start of the Olympics. Bolt is the one who terminated this. He has had a very outspoken rivalry and a serious war of words feud with the top US sprinters especially Tyson Gay. So ideally, Bolt is more important to the western world than Kipchoge is.

  1. Type of event participated in.

a) Sprints are the most popular events in the Olympics track and field which makes Bolt more marketable.

b) Bolt runs shorter races i.e. 100m, 200m, and the 4x100m relay while Kipchoge does the marathon in which you can only win one gold medal and that’s it. On paper, Bolt is a more successful Olympian with 9 gold medals which Kipchoge will never achieve due to his event type. This has also favored the highly overrated Micheal Phelps who is regarded as the greatest Olympian of all type because of his high medal haul at the Olympics due to the events he participated in that cannot be replicated in Track and Field. You cannot replicate this feat in track and field.

  1. Age. Eliud has achieved most of his success at an ‘old sporting’ age while Bolt had already cemented his title as the greatest in the world in his early twenties.

That said Eliud will never be broke. He has definitely made a few million dollars. He lives in the countryside. He is not a frivolous spender, unlike most global sport stars.

Khaligraph Jones angekuwa kama kipchoge hamngekuwa mnalala…

Being a great athlete is not enough. You need to have a brand appeal to increase your sponsorship revenue hence deal. Our athletes don’t do so well here. Actually Kipchoge has really tried, thanks to the Telsa guy. How many medals did Ezekiel Kemboi win in his career? Rudisha despite breaking an Olympic record all he could get in terms of advertising is a poorly done fiatu fyangu ad from KIWI. His peers kina Bolt are onbillboards in major world cities.

Kip has the appeal all he needs is to build a stronger social media presence and a well connected media consultant.

He can be sponsored by Apple through there Beats headphones.

Orange Juice like Simply Orange

Subway sandwiches


In what sense? Ama ni mkurupuko wa maneno? Ungesema kipcho-geh-let for more umph!

Really? You honestly think Eliud is a non-intellectual? You either do not know him well enough, or your understanding of intellect is limited by your own intellect… or lack of.

Eliud ako sawa, everything about him is fine all he needs is a better brand manager. I heard that he earned only ksh 1 million after the Tokyo marathon. All that effort bana it’s sad. He has severely underrated himself yet this world has no mercy on meek people.

In show business you are not paid by how good you are, but by how many eyes you bring to the show.
It’s why Nate Diaz, a journey-man fighter is paid millions more than Jon Jones one of the best if not the best to have ever done it - youngest ever champion and still undefeated to date. Nate Diaz brings the eyeballs and that’s all that matters in show business.

Actually too much philosophy is good for him. He lacks that natural superstar vibe. I mean look at his life. Lives with his wife and children in a farm in the middle of nowhere. His wife is not a model. He drives a typical car(hata sio BMW, Mercedes or a Range Rover). He does not party. Wears very typical clothing. You would pass Kipchoge at Ronald Ngala Street and he would not seem out of place.

It is good that he has accepted that he is generally a serious guy and he has adapated to this by packaging his content to be in line with his personality. I can bet you after he is done, he will be on a few global athletics committees or something like that.

I think it is quite unfair to refer to him as a non intellectual. In fact I will go ahead and rank him in the top 5% of all Olympians in terms of brains.

Kipchoge is just unlucky by being born in a tiny economy with very little purchasing power.

To provide some perspective, the gym and health club industry in the US is estimated to be worth 32 billion U.S. dollars. Lol. This is more than Kenya’s budget. 24 Hour Fitness which is a chain of gyms has a turnover of Kshs 150 billion. Lol. This makes it the 2nd largest company by turnover in Kenya. Yaani gym pekee inaweza kupea endorsement deal.

Nike’s main market is North America in which they sold 17.6BN usd worth of merchandise last year alone. Kipchoge has less appeal to US consumers than Caleb Dressel and Nike has valued his deal as so.

That said, Eliud is definitely the 2nd wealthiest Olympian of all time in Africa and that is good enough. He has made enough money to never worry about money for the rest of his life.