Elite police officer Victor Kiprotich stabbed to death by the second wife he married after a nasty fall out with his first wife, who also almost killed him

stabbed to death while asleep. The elite officer was on leave and had gone to see his family.

the spirit of death was trailing him

Wuehh so he survived the crazy training and probably afew covert dangerous operations only to fall while asleep on his matrimonial bed. RIP.


Watu wanauana Kwa ndoa Ile mbaya

Aaaaargh! This is sad…such a loss!

Live by sword die by sword , if you kill innocent children huko somali, your wife will slit your throat as you dream . Hii ni shida kidogo sana . Even better killers and strategists like Hitler and musolin died

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Somali hakuna anything that is innocent.


Crazy unaepuka hard core thugs huko somali only to be finished by your naive woman…but lazima jamaa alifanya ufala to the point of wife kumuua. Probably not sending upkeep money and when he came back bado alikuwa anadai kukula mkia. Wife akajam