Elimination of bootlickers, coons, house negroes, home guards and segregationists.

It is deflating and saddening to see that ,so many years after independence, the end of apartheid, the end of slavery and black people acquiring civil rights, there are so many [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Uncle Toms among us. As the negro race continues to progress there are still many of us who are consumed by self hate. Even in a Kenyan forum there are so many Uncle Ruckus ass niggas.

So many weak men who are ashamed of themselves, their skin color, their families and their country. Draconian policies like public floggings and concentration/re-education camps are needed to get rid of these people. Some negroes try to rationalize their self hate. The main culprits are


@Azor Ahai
This bonobo tries to rationalize his self hate by saying it is due to economics but deep down he has a massive inferiority complex. He gets his income from doing the assignments of lazy brats from Bidenstan. He prays everyday to the white man that he continues to give him sustenance. Akipatiwa assignment he always says [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Yes Massa.

The major highlight of his life is the day he went to Alchemist akamumunya pilsner mbili next to his masters. He was so happy. He took many pictures which he later laminated and framed. No longer was he seeing them through his old 10k laptop, he was seeing them in real life. He almost gave a drunk white man a rim job in the bathroom. That’s why he feels so attacked when that joint is criticized even though it has a documented history of discrimination.

This negro tries to rationalize his self hate by saying racism doesn’t exist. He will look for any evidence to prove his masters are innocent. He will believe the word of his masters over the word of his brothers.

@Bingwa Scrotum


This bonobos has managed to convince himself he is arab despite the fact he is 150% Sub Saharan. He spends most of his free time chewing muguka as a coping mechanism since he knows he’s living in a delusion. Ametafuna mbaka his dick stopped working and he can’t reproduce.

As a parting note I tell you[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)] [SIZE=5]BE FREE MY BROTHERS BE FREE[/SIZE]. It is [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]never too late to emancipate yourself mentally. Here are some great quotes from [COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]Malcom X

[COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)] [ATTACH=full]442009[/ATTACH]


Rudi kuongelea madanguro huko sex and relationships ghaseer.




malaysa hao ghaseer , they are traitors


We can excuse @Bingwa Scrotum coz he is a refugee,but hizo nugu zingine mbili zitafute tuzitie moto.
Can’t live with a traitor

Unaniexcuse on which authority… ghaseer takka takka chafu uff …if there’s anyone who constantly can need excusing ni wewe mtu Bure …dude, I can’t even ask your permission if I want to poop in your mouth or pee in your ear. Wewe ni nini sasa

Bingwa mwarabu akikukujia saa hii umpee mkia I’m sure utamnyonya hadi deki

Hawara usiingie vita hufiki bei

@Mzee mzima mbwa shoga ati sasa umekuwa woke

Refugee nyamaza,mtu hana kwao hawezi nitisha mimi.

Kuwa mpole mwarabu.