Electronics imports via Aliexpess,Banggood etc

Hi Guys,
Has anyone ever imported electronics (especially phones) via Aliexpess, Banggood,Everbuying to the country? Did customs come in? How much did they charge?

@incognitus saidia hapa

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Thanks for the heads up.
My way,no chance for customs, your way all chance for customs. Anyway customs charge as per value of the item.

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What’s your “way”?

I have been using my mailbox to get light light stuff and customs have never come in. until the day i purchased this:
[SIZE=3]FlySky FS-CT6B 2.4GHz 6CH Transmitter With Receiver FS-R6B Mode 2 .[/SIZE][SIZE=3] Customs came in and charged 46% the value of the Item.

@incognitus kindly share your way.

You can hit my inbox anytime you need to import.

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I regularly use banggood and I’ve never paid customs. I think a heavy item may attract that customs charge though

you have bought phones with it and they come to your mailbox bila issues.