Electrohub "deal"

Hahah, just saw a Kenyan on Instagram in an emotional confrontation with Electrohub. Apparently what they are calling a “Friday Deal,” is a system that costs twice as much as US. It got me thinking, of course many factors are at play but, was the guy wrong? Electro says it’s about taxes but I am certain that is a lie. Maybe they assumed vile these things are overpriced in Kenya, 50k will seem cheap.

If it was about taxes, these other two (polk and JBL) should also cost twice the money

:D:D:D They just deleted the messages, a representative is here. Kama uko hapa representing Electrohub tell them to stop overpricing commodities as if hatujui how taxes and customs work

boss hizi audio electronics ukinunua kwa hawa watu utauza kidney,sperms and gizzard. while yet kuna jamaa wako gill house wanazileta cheap. dont know if they still are doing so. i bought my pl 200 there for 35k. only to see it kwa some guys website going for 100k. i was shocked!!!

I will check them out

Very good deal for something that costs 30k on Amazon

walikula 5k for importation. sijui amazon kufikisha huku vumbistan wata charge ngapi

wanakuanga na shop facing stage ya R.O.G

You need a better angle of selling your products. This pretend conversation with yourself isn’t one of them

Nice sub
I have an extremely high opinion of Bic

What do you mean?

Nini mdau?

There is nothing wrong with that pricing. They’ve taken a risk to import those niche products therefore deserve to price it however they want. Majority of local stores import only risk free run of the mill brands to a market that is already flooded and easy sell and this reflects in their pricing as well.

Personally shipping that Dayton Audio 5.0 set will come to that exact “friday deal”.
I shipped with kentex, speakers 200$, shipping close to 300$

Yeah. Using air shipping for heavy and bulky items is very expensive. One should instead try Sea Shipping. Takes longer but way cheaper…

The problem is that, Electrohub doesn’t ship a single item, they ship in bulk. The government doesn’t tax them for a single commodity, though they pay various custom duties. What electrohub does is estimate how much you, a local mwananchi, will spend importing stuff, and then price their product around that range. But on expensive commodities (eg, X6700h avc), they don’t do that, because they know people buying those products can easily import them if they wish to.

Hio friday deal by electrohub is a system they can easily sell for 25k to 30k and still make a profit. They don’t get them from Amazon. Eg. they sell X4700h for190k, but majuu it costs 150-160k. Kwani they only pay “taxes” on small commodities? They are basically abusing their dominance because people will buy from them anyway. Is it wrong? No! Is it unethical? fck yes!! Should we sit down and accept prices because they “risked everything?” FFS NO!!!

If it is/was prolink Audio either they moved or closed shop. They still have a branch at khoja but it’s woefully stocked last I checked

last i was there i talked to one of the owners and he told me that they used to inport the electronics from states smuggled as other stuff in the containers. shida ni states is very strict about smuggling out electronics disguised as other stuff. so pole pole waka anza kushindwa kuleta stuff poa. since i was there for some pilot speakers he was even offering to buy back the pl200 he had sold me for a higher amount. and for your info: their stuff was second hand. that is why the prices were favorable.

Yeah. Paid them a visit a while back and was disappointed…

there is still hope if you an audiophile. just when i thought Kenyans cant be creative and thing like sub woofer cabinets made in Kenya have to look like zile za matatu, i came across a guy making state of the art stuff. check out this sub woofer and its enclosure!!! [ATTACH=full]326036[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326037[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326038[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326039[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326040[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326036[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326037[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326038[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326039[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326040[/ATTACH]

Is this Samms…!?