Electricians saidia

Shed na garage kuna stima, main house imekata. Checked the switch, haijatrip… What could be the issue?
Ama saidia number ya electrician near Rosslyn estate… Asante

So how are online strangers supposed to help you? Tafuta local electrician to test all the circuits.

Its almost 11 pm buana… Can’t find one hadi kesho. Looking for troubleshooting recommendations

Check all the circuit breakers. Do a continuity test on all circuits using a multimeter. Though i know the main point of the thread is you pretending that you live in Rosslyn complete with a shed and garage while in reality uko pipeline, so just call the caretaker. Anyway all dreams are valid.

Kama hauna tester utafanya nini?. Kama uko na tester guza side zote za breaker ujue kama imeungua. Kama iko na moto side zote jaribu neutral. Kama iko na moto imekatika. Neutral is essentially ground.

Ng’ombe imekula live wire