Electrical wiring advice

Kindly elders I need advice in regards to a wiring problem I have, I already bought All the required materials, my question is how do I fit sockets and other electrical stuff on the wall, am doing on surface wiring on a concrete wall, should I buy electrical drill, ama nigonge mbao kienjeji before fixing socket on top?

Matusi kando tafadhali, am not experienced in this job

You need to have a wiring diagram in mind or even a printed one. First you must have a conduit system before pulling wires through. The conduit system has pattress boxes on which to fix switches and sockets. When installing pattresses if it’s on top of concrete wall you can nail them on the wall from inside using steel nails. This one doesn’t allow for mistakes because steel nails will make ugly pock marks under the pattress box. You can also use a drill, wooden inserts, and self tapping screws. Ideally the boxes and the plastic conduits should already be built into the wall plaster.

You have given him an excellent advice, lakini I doubt if he understands what you are saying. From his post, I can deduce he ain’t an electrician.

I would therefore advice him atafute tu electrician anaelewa hii Mambo umeamdika amfanyie hio kazi

I figured he is from school. Pressure from first job makes someone forget how they did it in school.

No! no! this is not My field , I already have the wiring diagram, I have conduits with the small nails, shida imefika kwa socket and junction box, hizo vitu kustick kwa ukuta inanipea headache

hakuna mbao unafaa kugonga. Buy steel nails if the wall is built with the hard stones or pure concrete. kama ni imejengwa na ndarugo stones, just buy extra large clout head nails. I hope you bought surface sockets (usually white). Piga msumari from inside using a light hammer. weka PVC trunking then your wiring. piga picha, tumia wazee hapa wasafishe mecho.

junction box pigilia kwa mbao za ceiling/roofing

Thanks I think what you call patress boxes is what was giving me trouble, can you point out a drill type and its approximate price, thanks

You’re buying a drill for that

they are many. bosch-europe, makita, or ryobi. 4k to 10k. preferably at least 700 watts and 3bits of different sizes for drilling into concrete. Its a handy tool to have if you will do your own stuff. if its just one job just use steel nails. You can also buy a screw driver adaptor to use with the drill as an electric screw driver. much more powerful and quicker than hands, but you must know how to regulate drill power so you dont destroy your fittings by over-torqueing screws.

Just get an electrician to do the job…kwani unataka electicians wakule wapi?

Yeah, ata tv lazima Nii mount kwa wall

Electrician wananyonya zaidi, am quite sure materials pekee ange triple the price, tembea river road

Instead of paying 10k for a drill, si ungepatia @Rene Descartes hio kazi. I think you are a beginner tackling a job with a high degree of difficulty.

Just buy a hammer drill and some concrete drill bits. Also don’t foeget wall plugs. When doing surface wiring you need to be extra neat because this can either result in an ugly or neat work. My advise is to look for a qualified and accredited electrician to do that work for you.

The nail way can only be done by a professional because it needs accuracy and they don’t hold the Patress box firmly like the screws…
Get a cordless drill, drill holesusing the mason bit then use wall plugs but wood imechongwa works better… use a spirit level for a perfect level…use the screw bit to screw the patress on the wall …if the wall is well done and painted you can use screws or conta adhesive on the trunking and voila… Follow the wiring diagram properly usichome nyumba

Why would you want to undertake such a delicate and potentially dangerous task if you are not an electrician? You’re bound to make mistakes all over. Usidanganywe na hawa watu, get a real electrician mfanye na yeye ujue different types of wires, to use for different tasks, color coordination ie live earth and neutral wires. CU arrangement yaani vitu mingi only a professional can do correctly. Hapa naona nyumba ikinuka moshi. Stop being stingy

Upuss!!! I ve done it before, this isn’t the 1st time, seriously you can’t tell me any elder doesn’t know the kind of wires and electrical tools used in wiring?!! Kwani wewe ukiwa na small electrical problems huwa unaita fundi?!!

My bad. Didn’t know it was a chicken coop you were building. Hio unaeza Endelea na Google

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