Electric Water Dispensing Pump.

I need a solution for pumping water to my table sink from a water drum.
There is this option that I can’t seem to find a local source for. It’s automatic. Turns off whenever there isn’t water to pump or whenever you shut off the sink tap or faucet.[ATTACH=full]435178[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]435179[/ATTACH]
Then there is this more common option that needs to be charged. You press a button once to turn off or on. I don’t know the battery capacity on these variations.[ATTACH=full]435180[/ATTACH]
Any suggestions?


Jumnia, AliExpress, kirimori

I remember when I first got one for my kitchen, thinking it would make life so much easier. But you know what? It was a total game-changer for my bathroom taps too! No more struggling to fill up buckets or waiting ages for the water to flow. With the pump, it’s like having a mini faucet right at your fingertips. Super convenient and efficient. Definitely a must-have upgrade for anyone tired of the old-school way of getting water from bathroom taps.