Electric Cars Are A ZERO Sum Game

Energy used to mine, refine, manufacture and recycle EV batteries defeats the purpose. Secondly used batteries are a headache to deal with.

The technology is still in its infancy.


@Sambamba kuja utetee EVs na Degree level arguments.

Green energy, electric cars, car age limits, ni vitu zimeletwa kwetu na parasitic owners of capital. Kila government official hana option ya kukataa, sababu consequences huwa heavy.

Companies mingi zenye hutengeza profit ya triple digit billions zimeshikwa mateka na Overlords ile design M7 hushika Besigye.

President’s nao wameshikwa mateka na izo corporations sasa inabidi kila kitu wakubali iwe mzuri iwe mbaya

Wanataka kupiga mwarabu vita oil ikose maana

it’s called the carbon foot print before the EV’s get on the show room. Lithium batteries are none recyclable and hazardous to the environment.

the thing with crude oil is this, the by products make more money than Petrol, diesel and motor lubricating oil, meaning that a company drilling for crude oil in .ke can refine it, give us petrol and diesel for free and still remain profitable selling the other by-products.


Wadau kujeni niwafungue macho.


[I][B]…While it is true that the production and disposal of electric vehicle (EV) batteries require energy and resources, it is important to consider the overall impact of EVs on the environment. Studies have shown that despite the initial energy requirements, EVs produce significantly fewer emissions and pollutants than their gasoline-powered counterparts over their lifespan.
Furthermore, as technology improves and more sustainable methods for battery production and recycling are developed, the environmental impact of EVs will continue to decrease. In fact, many countries and companies are already investing in sustainable battery production and recycling processes.

Regarding used batteries, while they may pose a challenge, they can also be repurposed for energy storage in renewable energy systems, providing further environmental benefits. Additionally, efforts are being made to develop more efficient and cost-effective methods for battery recycling, reducing the impact of disposal.[/B][/I]
While EVs may not be a perfect solution, they represent a significant step towards a more sustainable future. As technology and infrastructure continue to improve, the environmental impact of EVs will only continue to decrease, making them a positive contribution to our efforts to combat climate change.