Electoral Laws and Ammendment Bill- Jubilee Strategy

As we all know the ammendments were passed in parliament a few days ago or hours, I am not sure. The president has exactly 14 days to sign them into law.
I was personally expecting the president to immediately sign them as soon as they landed on his desk but I think he plans on doing something that was less obvious to me until a few minutes ago.

There are 13 days left until the 26th October election. Knowing very well that NASA will most likely run to the Wakora judges once the Uhuru signs them into Law, the best strategy would be to hold onto them until at least the 24th of October and Gazette them on the 25th.

This would essentially kill the time and any chances of NASA rushing to court and having the wakora overturn the Laws by terming them illegal.

Maybe I am wrong. I don’t claim to understand law but with my limited knowledge that would seem to be the best choice.

place those amendments here, we need to see what they say

Won’t work, Justice George Odinga is known to love his work so much that if they call him from his bed at 11:59pm ataamka na aende kusikiza hio kesi.


Inter alia or inter partes?

Cases are not determined withing hours. Kama Supreme Court waliambiwa wainterprete one of their rulings and what they meant wakaambia Chebukati arudi the next week thursday…na hiii je.


sijaona ile ya supreme court

Because they know they contradicted themselves. They are eating a humble pie

Nimeona Uhuru amesema he has 14 days to go through the bill before signing. He is planning to use the said days. Well played hapo.

Odunga was voted the best judge juu ya how he concludes his cases fast, hii atamaliza in one sitting

— If there is a discrepancy between the manual and electronically transmitted results, the manual shall prevail.
— Result forms cannot be declared void if they are not in line with the prescribed format as long as the deviation is not designed to mislead.
— If there are only two candidates and one withdraws, then the one remaining will be declared to have been elected unopposed.

For sure, puppy is going to put mark on this, but I don’t know when. Change the rules to win the game.

Sema UOTP!

Very true. I cannot wait to here how they are going to explain it. Even being the highest court in the land the must have known about the Maina Kiai case and how it informed the workings of the IEBC.

hii si kesi ya siku moja. There are too many interested parties plus it will obviously subjected to appeal either way he rules.

Predetermined outcomes!

atakutana na erustas githinji

There will be no elections on the 26th. If it happens we’re looking at another annulment

Am told Uhuru will sign the tonight.
After taking a few shots of whiskey of course.