Elections 2017 : Jubilee 2013 Manifesto

[B]Since every detail is important, I have tasked meself with the duty of collecting info important for the general electorate, sycophants, haters and lovers alike. They’ll be streaming in mosmos. So that when we vote, even if its along tribal lines, we vote fully aware of the parameters.

Today, we dissect the Jubilee 2013 manifesto.

Jubilee Economic Promises at a glance:[/B]

  1. To grow economy between seven-10 per cent in the first two years. (Not achieved)
  2. To create one million jobs. (Not achieved)
  3. Cut waste and fight corruption so that public resources are spent wisely and properly.(“munataka nifanye ? set up a public execution in Uhuru park so people can be happy ?”)
  4. Reduce the public deficit so that the Government spends more money on services instead of paying off Kenya’s debts.(well…)
  5. Keeping the exchange rate stable and control the flow of money into the economy in order to lower interest rates and keep inflation in check.(hmm…)


Is it possible to move from 5.7 to 10% growth given the current economic parameters. We could assume variables were not that favorable and hope the promise is met in the next 5. But is it feasible ?


0 stadia so far. Is it possible to build 5 stadiums in 5 years ? Assuming we trust them with 5 more. And now that Ngilu is not on that Posta, does the promise still stand ?




Let me see how objective we are going to be in the comments section. We will also dissect the opposition’s current manifesto to check it’s feasibility but in the meanwhile, hii hapa.

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insecurity rose from when uhuru took office, alshabab attacks were much more rampant.
the kshs to dolla exchange really really changed currently it is at kshs1=$100>
borrowing increased since 2013… we now have a 4billion debt
food shortages is still the order of the day

etc etc

kudos uhuruto for destroying kenya

Lol…I see you never included the economic growth rate during the nusu mkate era which reflects very badly on how Jakom affected Kibaki’s prior work…hehe.

Why are you comparing 2013-2017 with 2002-2007 regime and not with the immediate past regime?


It’s 4 trillion not billion

Balala pia pulled a disappearing act




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[ATTACH=full]106276[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]106277[/ATTACH]

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Uhuru’s Economic knowledge is below D

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Ukweli usemwe…digito mboyz kazi imewalemea…as much as i like Uhuru as a person… Lakini they leave alot to be desired… The figures speak for themselves…ama namna gani?


ndio nakwambiaga umumunye pilsner yako pole pole my fren…

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PS Irungu Nyakera seems very young

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he’s young. si mnasema ma-yutman hawapewi jobs?

He is 37 or 38 I think .ilisemekana alianza ku cut ma deals za % huko Min of Transport ndio maana akachujwa…since then sijaona Aki tweet about SGR…sijui kama ali attend launch he must have been very angry kuchujwa

on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the Jubilee government success in implementing its 2013 Manifesto ?

You mean he is no longer in that ministry

Aki kujibu ni tag

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