Election Time - How Do You Surf the Web via SMS?

Wadau, vipi?

On both Airtel and Safaricom a few years back, there was this option you had of surfing the net via sms. You’d send a web address to a certain number, and get a reply of the page having been converted to text-only mode.

In these times of elections and cabinet secretaries threatening to turn the national switch off, I’d like someone to remind me of that number.


Stop being a deek who told you the internet is being turned off…

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We are in 2017 boss. You need a web browser to browse the Internet.


How will the results be transmitted bila net?

engineer wa ngono unasumbua. ati kubrowse na sms :smiley:


Your reasoning methods ndizo zilisababisha Ngugi aende exile.



again explain manually :smiley:

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