Electing a Cow is A Better Option Than Either RAO or Ruto

This whole crew of Uhuru, RAO, Ruto is a tired and compromised lot. They have been tainted by years of corruption and underhand dealings such that it is impossible foe them to fight the vice which has enriched them. Their families are in it and is impossible to prosecute them.

We need new crop of leaders

I second and third that!

If you vie I will vote for you.


Yes you are the first outsider to declare interest in 2022 but tell us what you will do for us instead

We need brand new monkeys as leaders. The old monkeys have done their time

You need?
What befell Ekuru Aukot when he brought the punguza mizigo campaign?
Majority of the counties threw it out rendering it dead and now you are frothing at the mouth supporting the useless BBI that will only increase the size of the pie to be diced out to the looters.

Problem is that Ekuru is not a monkey