I shall not apologize for sleeping with @poyoloko’s wife @Mboch Kiburi,

In fact,

it is @poyoloko who should be apologizing for making me sleep with his wife,

I will not heed the elders’ summons to appear before them tomorrow,

Let them excommunicate me from this village,

But I shall not apologize come sunshine or hailstones!

@poyoloko camps at the chang’aa den from morning to evening,

When he staggers back to his house at night he literally faints on his bed,

His wife complains that he snores like a ‘raura’ with his manhood limping and coiling behind his small hairy buttocks,

She confided in me how she is starved of sex so much such that her womanhood oozes with discharge every time she sees something that resembles a penis!

It is @Mboch Kiburi’s pleas that drove me to rescue her,

She told me how she cries every night for a child,

That his husband,

after imbibing his drink,

does not rise to the occasion leaving her womanhood frothing with intense unsatisfaction,

@Mboch Kiburi is still a young wife,

@poyoloko needs to keep the valley between her legs boiling like a geyser!

I shall not apologize for sleeping with Ja-Alego’s wife,

Let the elders chase me away from this village for not appearing before their committee tomorrow to respond to charges of indecent act,

I only did what every other young unmarried man in this village would do when exposed to that huge amount of naked sexually starved flesh,

@Mboch Kiburi’s breasts needed kneading and her mouth badly wanted some breathtaking sucking!

She knocked on my door in the middle of the night with a night dress with nothing underneath,

Let the gods strike me for being a man!

@Mboch Kiburi

Elders of kenyatalk.com,

today I speak with a lot of authority because I feel like a real woman with a legitimate hole between my thighs,

Allow me to ejaculate words because my belly is full of sperms,

When a river is swollen with excess waters,

does it not overflow its banks?

You have summoned me here to answer to charges of indecent act,


I slept with he,

who is not present in this gathering,

because I do not have a husband,

@poyoloko who is sitting here with his eyes casted down in shame is not a man!


when the cock crows and other men’s penises are standing upright like a spear,

My husband’s penis,

or let me call it a rope for lack of a better word,

is nowhere to be seen, it disappear,

While other men’s penises are vomiting venom like a snake,

My husband’s rope is better off used to tie dry firewood,

While other men rush to bend their backs on the shamba,

after satisfying their wives,

and later come back with sweet potatoes and poles of sugarcane,

My husband wakes up late and head straight to @uwesmake’s chang’aa den!


did I get married to a log of wood with a rope as a penis?

I did what I did because I was tired of displaying a flat belly year in year out,

If you look around our village and take a stroll to the village market center,

will you not feast your eyes on women with swollen stomachs?

Did the people of Kimilili marry me for display?

When @poyoloko sweet talked me to leave my parents and siblings in Ugunja,

I thought he was a man,

But I found out that he is just a lazy drunkard who cannot rape even a chicken!

After two years of harboring pain and tears,

After two years of suppressing sexual hunger and wild desire,

Was it not so natural of me to seek satisfaction of the flesh?

My skin now radiates and shines like the slippery skin of “Ng’ielo” the great python from South Nyanza,

My belly now boasts of a baby bump and my breasts are soft and tender,

Elders I have spoken and if your wish is to sex-communicate me from this village like you did to my lover,

So be it,

at least I now know where to go and who to follow!
After all,
my unborn baby needs a father and my womanhood still needs regular services!

Acha nimalizane na jaba nitakam kusoma after.

Juvenile mafwi tucker tucker thread :D:D:D:D

You seem to know very inricate details of another mans manhood. Za uncle yako ziko aje?

But All i know is Ruto will never be president.

Nefa efa




Ghassia mafwi ya kuku!

Its your turn to lie on the cross

Now Go hang

tayarisha passport after 2022 wewe ndo utajinyonga kama hutahama

Endeleeni kupigana nitakuwa judge