Elders tupatane hapa utunguu inuke na darubini ya Google

Google this April launched a fantastic feature called timelapse .It lets you see the changes that have taken place in the world over the last 36 years and I was shocked .
Niikiangalia Nairobi ,most places outside the core were basically uninhabited .Areas like Embakasi ni kama was devoid of human settlement ,Kayole was Kirima’s playgound and the whole of Thika Road was undeveloped .




Ruiru was a small village


All grown up .Look at Thika Town below

Expanded by leaps and bounds

What I have discovered is that you can use Google maps to predict future urban growth and buy land on the cheap in those areas you believe will fikiwa na maendeleo in 2040 .If you have money lying around , kwa machanga .


Leo umedinya point kiasi … sasa fanya kazi yako alafu rudi hapa na proposition sisi investors tunukishe kitunguu.

Problem is, instead of doing proper urban developments, the outskirts of Nairobi has turned into a shithole.

Proud to be a google mapper.

sasa nikumaanisha nyinyi manugu mutakuja kunijazia area yangu na niko 50 miles from JKIA?

Where did they get the images from 37 years ago?

This is linked Biden’s climate agenda.

NASA, US Geological survey and EU’s Copernicus satellite

Kwa hivyo in short ni GUESSWORK or in other words it’s MADE UP FOOTAGE & PROPAGANDA BULLSHIET? :smiley:

This article alone tells me all I need to know :


CNN already told us what’s coming starting minute 5.27 :


Are you an American though?

Focus on the issue. Nikikudinya na points huwa unaanza sideshows. :smiley:

You are very easily fooled.

Also I can tell you were lying that you grew up in Kahawa Sukari because 37 years ago Githurai and Wendani existed! You’d know that if you grew up in that estate. 37 years ago Thika rd was a very busy road.

I was thinking about this part nikacheka juu why in the world would someone who has this kind of knowledge share it with the world???

This is God level knowledge. We are talking time travel here or seeing the future.

@Sambamba wachaga kubebwa fala. These Americans can’t tell us whether aliens exist or the sort of minerals they have found on Mars but you think they can tell you mbirrionea secrets of this kind?

First of all this is fake science. There is no super computer that can model the future accurately.
Even the ones used to model and predict future weather patterns are hit and miss. Largely guesswork.

Remember even Google maps is very unpredictable if you use it while driving. Uliza watu wa Uber wakupatie story. Takataka huonyesha non existent roads unapotea njia for 3 hours.