Elders Order

I have realized that elders chase away feminists and beta males here by ensuring that kila post iko na matusi proper.
Elders your wisdom and hekayas have helped me a lot. Women are ruthless and through this forum, I am now on the winning side.
Facebook is full of simps and betas that want to sound politically correct, here is a real masculine space and a forum that understands men’s needs with our ruthless women. I have seen things:

  1. A lady was sent fare to meet with her side dish man in Nairobi but instead she diverted and came to my house to bang her. All this time the beta male was being asked to apologize to her while she was here naked. Women are ruthless.
  2. I once hit on this lady, and asked if she was single because I respect marriages. She affirmed that she was single. She demanded I buy her a smartphone to which I blocked her number immediately. At this point nothing had happened. 5 days later she dropped any demands and came for me to bang her.
    What I have learned from this forum is, as a man work hard, make wealth (money alone can disappoint), build yourself and do not expect much from women. When you need sex, get the best at its real price, do not overpay community pssies and protect yourself, because you want to f*ck them for as long as you can. Women are ruthless. It won’t hurt them using you or infecting you

Well said sir. At your age now, elders think that you should get married and settle down. Wacha upuzi! Its like you’re trying to bribe elders into accepting your crooked behaviours. We won’t accept it

No man has ever won vita ya wanawake(read wife) , so please dont even Think your 2 points can hold any water .now you can jump allover with fake alpha feeling , The day utaeka musichana wa kwanyumba dio utajua hujui ,Meanwhile wee kula wote dio siku iyo wako akikuliwa usijinyonge , Cheers .

[COLOR=rgb(235, 107, 86)]This is harsh but ukweli mtupu…

i agree with everything apart from kukula wanawake ovyo ovyo, self control itakufree

Dear @solosantos

You have hearby been appointed to the position Simp-in-Chief. Congratulations on your appointment.

@Chimoni , a Simp means a man who is willing to do anything to win over or please a woman usually associated with begging or grovelling. is this correct ???

  • My body count trail , boss siwezi fit apo , but then again you cant walk on the streets showing people your male organ so that you can prove to them you are a man ,(ati ,‘wasee angalieni hii mti yangu mjue mi ni mwaname jo’ !!!)

Kuwa na Bibi na watoto ni kitu muhimu Sana. Otherwise a senior bachelor is no different from a dog.