Elders, kujeni tuchekelee watu wa Othaya who voted a functional illiterate to punich Uhuru

But the English is ok. I understood everything. I won’t be shocked most people from othaya speak this type of English

It’s disappointing in the extreme. I think an MP, governor and senator should have degrees, not because it’s trendy or anything that shallow, but because their work brings them into contact with people who expect them to articulate issues with clarity. When a development partner meets a ‘leader’ who should present issues on behalf of millions of citizens, but one who cannot be understood, then we have a huge problem. We need to ask ourselves who we are, if those are the best we could find to speak for us.

I can donate one hand,bet mine will finish the job quicker

No its not but it gives one leverage in some sectors

The lowest common denominator argument stems from mediocrity. A leader is speaking on behalf of millions,. The least you could do is know how to articulate your ideas clearly because of the huge task ahead of you.



mrs smith kuwa mpole its not that serious mpaka unaandika na capital letters…sasa leo hauta lipa 150 kuma ya kibera ju ya uyo jamaa

Pataneni Langata cemetery. Next bout ni ya @sludgist na @hakimoto on behalf of Putin and NATO.

napelekana na NV chieth wapi? umbwa wewe

Hawezi saidika basi, aongee Kikuyu we translate. I thought they are supposed to a degree

KIkuyus love money and Ruto brainwashed them using money with many empty promises. Eniway. 9 years to go

King of leone punguza makasiriko kesho Vishnu anakungojaa offloading mzigo Kwa turela

Alafu ng’ombe ingine made a ruling ati governors shouldn’t have degrees.

Sisemi English is a measure of “kusoma sana” but a little English to express yourself is needed.

How will a cow like this one that seems like he is fumbling kwa urinal za bar talk to foreign investors interested in doing business in Othaya. Lakini ghassia wa Othaya were too busy punishing Uhuru to care.

Wewe mtoto wa mbwa hesimu elders.

Go challenge your mother.

Huku elders watakutairisha

NV toa hii ujinga Hapa.

Hii argument ya English is not a measure of success is null and void. A very baseless argument.

If you can read a speech in swahili or English then you’re illiterate. Period. You cannot represent your constituents or negotiate anything meaningful on their behalf. In fact the county will lose millions due to embezzlement and you’ll be none the wiser.