Elders help

There is this friend of mine from the kalenjin kingdom who sired a baby boy with some girl 15 years ago. The man disappeared into karura forest, later resurfaced and got married to another girl now with 4 kids aged between 4 and 12. All these years the first baby mama has been quiet and not pestering him in anyway as is usually the norm with these single moms. Now just two days ago he got invited through an sms that his son was graduating from jandoni and he is required to go give a name to his son. My friend has developed ulcers because he knows the moment his name is appended to that of his son, hell will break loose and he will be required to bear all the responsibilities of a dad which he doesn’t want to furthermore his wife has given him strict ultimatum that the moment the other boy appears in his life then my friend should forget their marriage… As we speak my friend is getting psychotic. Advise elders…

The wife is threatening him and she has 4 kids with him? Ataenda wapi? If she calls off the marriage, she loses.

The man should go ahead and append his name.

Let bygones be bygones


This is a by-cum…
From long time ago…
Cannot be a by-gone…

In Ktalk my friend=me

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Mjamaa alee huyo kijana. Maybe huyo ndio damu yake hao 4 wa Bibi mdogo inaeza kuwa ni handi aliguzishwa na Bibi mdogo.

Why would you not want you offspring to bear your name? the dude is a fool


Ghasia ya jaba niaje. Tangu upunguze crome hakuna take the poll?

What kind of a name is given after 15 years… kwani inashift from Jacob to Israel ama from Kiprotich to Kiplombe

Mzee achukue responsibility coz kijana huenda akawa rais wa taifa ama, Githeri Man, ama Shimoli.

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Your friend is not a man…sisi watu wa western hupeana majina na kutumana watoto waende kunyolewa bila uoga. You dont run away from your blood. What is he afraid of? How expensive is raising a 15year old!

You are giving a 15 year old a name. Hakuwa na jina in those 15 years!!

An illusory tale founded on unimaginative reasoning.

In Psychology, its a type of a defence mechanism known as Projection

Ego defence by attributing your issues to others.

For 15years, your friend had been a dead beat Father to his son, as we let the magnitude of that sink in…Let us remember that at least @gashwin alikuwa analipa fees. Tell your friend that he cannot run from his past, if that boy is his son then he remains his son whether he gives him a name or not…It is time for him to man up accept his responsibilities… bibi akitaka kuenda si aende.

In kalenjin customs and culture a boy child is given part of his father’s name on initiation ie if my friend is called Amos Kipchirchir the son well be Daniel Chirchir. This has a lot of bearing if you know the kalenjin culture well especially the kipsigis. For your ignorance sake let me elaborate one here, the moment this guy accepts the son, he automatically accepts the mum as his wife too. Kipsigis dont separate kids and mothers and this is the genesis of all the complications. Imagine having a woman who has been out there with the goons for 15years as your second wife?