Elders help my friend

I have a friend in Ghana who has found himself in a quackmire elders… As respected and experienced elders of this village please offer your unfettered advice.

My friend went to chew his usual 23yr old college sweetheart inside her house. They were together for 4 hours within which they exchanged body fluids ad-libitum.
After my friend left the girls house another man arrived. This one thinks he was the only bf to the girl, he finds out that his honeypot was unusually wet and so were the bedsheets, a fight ensues and according to the neighbors he inflicted a fatal hit on the girl. When he realized that the girl was no more he quickly calls the police and reports that he found the girl raped and killed, thereby implicating my friend. All DNA tests done has my friend traces more than the killers cases.

Please advise on how this friend should save his soul from the hangman’s noose in Acra.

mwambie atorokee kenya

Neighbours si wamesema yeye ndio amepiga msichana.

Police should be able to trace the mobile device of the killer hapo kwa murder location. Plus other forensic evidence such as finger prints. Otherwise, your friends work against that of the killer if no witnesses are available.

Let your friend face the consequences of whoring in peace like the man he is.:smiley:

Mwambie Asiangushe sabuni…murder si easy charge for peasants:Dlawyer retainer itakuwa ngumu kupata chini ya 10k…akiongea na hao jirani kuna possibility though

si uambie polisi vile umetueleza hapa?

Mnyambo moto wa punda

His travel documents have been confiscated

quackmire kwani hujawahi ona hata episode moja ya family guy

Uliza … chat openai.

Tunajua ni customer wako wa parcel wa kampala

Hekaya ya jaba!