Elders counsel needed

Ata picha ya silly bado haiko bwana commissioner?

At least ulifikiria na kichwa kubwa, you didn’t let the small head overtake your decision

Could be a set up. But how do you deal with a spy? You flip her to be a double agent. Caution: it’s walking a tight rope, read the fine print kwanza. If she slaps your sweaty hands off her boobs, your goose is extra crispy


Treat your sister in law as your sister…Avoid staying in the same private place only the two of you because, nature will take its course, especially when you get inebriated… Chewing your sister in law is not a great achievement as man but a very unwise move. There are many alternatives… In fact she should not come to your house. Let her spend the night elsewhere…

Let’s meet up for a drink in honor of you fallen buddy. My bill JW Black Label. Name the place

If you are from Western or Nyanza kamua. If you are from Mt Kenya luwere.

If neither of the above kamua then blame the devil.

mtego hiyo kaka

Had only three incidences.The worst one was where I was dreaming that someone has broken into the bedroom at night and is about to strangle me.Kumbe ni shadow ya mosquito net from ile light ya lampshade.Was told that serious vivid dreams and hallucinations are faced by guys who have been drinking like a mzinga of whiskey or vodo daily.Hizo levels you can’t quit cold turkey without medical supervision.I was only a beer drinker,occasionally drinking shits of Jager kama beer haijashika.Problem was that I was slowly graduating to a daily drinker.

Sister in law apana, there so many ladies huku nje

Wachana na your in-laws. I learnt it the hard way

Letahekaya zoooooooote, @ChifuMbitika . Usibakishe hata nywele

I almost ate a kifaranga from the in-laws side but we were caught just before the act. It turned out bad and there was chaos in the days that followed

@Chiefguest ni umbwa jamaa wa fantasies kama @Agwambo na @Bl3ze na @ChifuMbitika story zao 99% huwa fiction jaba chronicles

Fûck you


Does the sista know?Tuanzie hapo

Siku ya disagreement ndio sister in law wa @Chiefguest ata ambia bibi yake ‘Unaringa hapa na nishakula bwanako’.

Was your wife comfortable with the idea of you hosting her sister in her absence?.

Ama ilikua local arrangement.