Elders counsel needed

Na wewe kuliendaje? Niliwacha ukitaka kudinya your siz in law ule wa campus. Did you abort the mission? Hukulete conclusion

Nili abort mishen.Shes been contacting me asking for money.I asked her why she told wife that I have been giving her money,she denied telling wife and telling the househelp anything.I can’t trust her to keep a secret of that magnitude if she can’t keep a small secret like me giving her money.Also wife ana ni treat vipoa saidi since I quit alcohol.I want the status quo to remain forever if possible.

no wonder hizo posts zako za sexapades zili iisha

Hehehe parenthood maze.Mtoi ameanza CBC.Then kukunywa ni stress tu.The decisions I used to make when drunk were denting my pockets buana.I convince myself that am gonna have just one beer.Nafika home kama nimekunywa bia kama tisa na nimebaia watu marao kadhaa.The following day ati Wacha nitoe lock,before you know it Niko seven beers down.Kidogo kidogo two weeks zimepita and have been drinking daily.Halafu nikiamka na hangie at around ten am Niko na hard on vibaya sana.Nikikosa option naenda kwa parlour.Hio Les inaenda.Hio cycle iki continue inaacha a huge hole kwa pocket.Then ile blunder na sister in law happened when I was super drunk.Then my pal died of alcohol OD juzi.Also,the older one gets,the more alcohol you need to reach the same high resulting to frying your liver.I suspect this is what killed my pal assuming he didn’t die of suicide.This one shook me to the core.Sioni nikirudi kwa pombe.

Intoxicate her , your physical and mental control will be markedly diminished.Then apply third law of hyena’'inseminate".

Why spoil your peace of mind just to eat one while im sure kuna 1000 better options that you can undertake. The cost of abatement is less than the value of new encounters you always post here.

shimo ya kijichimbia ,usikam apa badae ,the moment u bought iyo kesi tushafunga

When in Doubt …
DON’T … :D:D


All the best kiongozi,ukiongeza pesa ya Malaya maisha yako kwisha.Angalia punguza pombe

It’s not worth it.Wach ikae

Finally I heeded @Agwambo’s advice he is a senior and I can’t forsake him. We ate and drank silly but no coitus was involved. She was in for it but I stayed stupid

Tamaa mbele, mauti nyuma…

Good boy

Pole for losing your buddy. Did you quit cold turkey? Any withdrawal symptoms?

Yes,quit cold turkey.Heart palpitations ndio zimenisumbua.You get the feeling like your hearts gonna stop then it picks up.The frequency has reduced.I havent had palpitations for 8days now.Apart from that,nothing else.Excercise mostly jogging helps a great deal.

Ulikula sister in law fisi hii:D:D:D:D

Ulikula yeye?

you started weakly already, ordering food home. ungempeleka out mkakulie huko

Also went cold turkey at some point? Have you not experienced vivid dreams?