Elders counsel needed

Elders I am in catch 44 situation. A few hours to dusk my sis in law who works in kisumu called to tell me that she is on some assignment in kanairo and she was requesting to spend at my place. Her sister is not around till Saturday. This particular temptation is the younger version of my wife and she has all the features to boil a man’s cassava. Elders since the time of call, I have been restless throughout my whole body. I have ordered KFC dinner for two, a bottle of 4th street wine, some tequila, William Lawson and Amarula. I don’t know what will happen, the spirit is willing but the body is very very weak. What should I do eldors?

Kula ulete hekaya

Leta receipt ya KFC kabla twende mbali na muhahe

This does not seem to be a happily married man:D



I know @Agwambo 's advice would be useful for reference and comparison purposes.

Yeye hujipata na dilemma kama hizi quite often.

This never ends well.

Do what you must but remember choices have dire consequences.

Tafuta @ChifuMbitika mfom group ya kuchapiana fake stories kama hizi

It seems like your mind is made up, Kuta vitu ujiingize. The village will be happy to have reference material in the future…bora tu ulete hekaya.

Wewe enda Sabina joy ukamue balls zibaki empty usikule in-law the PNC you will get is worse than a heartache

KFC ?, very unhealthy

Seems you have already made a decision.

Fourtheth this nigga has habit of making stories up

Sounds like a trap. But who am I to argue with ( as someone already alluded to) unhappily married man. To be honest I dont understand what the anxiety and excitement is all about. Unless it was pre planned. All those drinks are not necessarily meant to marinate your so called meal but to numb the guilt of your actions. We all know how it will end anyway so leta hekaya!

Interesting selection of drinks. What will be the order of downing those? Oh yea finish with shots… of tequila

What do you expect from the mixture of 4th Street wine, tequila, William Lawson and Amarula?
We need sketches in not necessarily in that order

Resist.If you love your wife resist.The undercurrents and negativity and PNC the moment you nut in her will be astronomical.Then remember that these women never shut up when it comes to matters coitus.Lazima itafika kwa your parents in law.Even if you deny it you will forever be takataka in their eyes.She might even turn against you and use it to force you to do her favours against your will.The day atakosana na sistake she will tell her ‘unaringa na nishakula bwanako’.Resist.Not worth it.Hizo pizza kula zote uende gym uongeze mass u bulk up or something.


Kula polepole baba, stress yaja