Elders advise

Assuming this is true(thermal image not provided)
This is someone’s wife…now how the fúck do you start feeding a cow you’ll never milk

Nowonder even the shittiest women, bimbos, malayas, single mums with 4 kids from different dads, older women past their prime and ugly women are entitled and act like they are the prize because they know there are millions of simps like you everywhere ready to swoop in and save their asses. What a shame. Can’t even advice you man, keep wallowing in your own misery.

Betachieth simp

Simp …

You are just trolling

Seeing that you had already tasted the cookie why did you again go simping after her to the extent of giving her your hard earned money? She saw right through your oneitis tendencies from afar no wonder she’s out to use you. Consider the loan a bad loan, write it off, take the slices you’ll be accorded for your money’s ‘worth’ and run away and never look back. And stop simping bro

Nimefika kwa 20k nikashuku huyu jamaa ametoa hyo doo…sasa ni kunyenyekea apewe chupi…sad story…na unapata mathee hajawai nunuliwa hata bakuli ya plastic

Seducing a girl for two years… Man that’s where you fucked up. Next time katia msichana na akikataa unaendelea na maisha. You sound like a guy who doesn’t have options when it comes to women.
Don’t give money to women you are not dating or not married to.
Cut your losses and cut ties with her. She sounds like trouble.

Why the saltiness and insults? Are you the girl he is referring to or the Kisii husband?

Am just trying to “force” the point unto him, But who loves to be told hard truth? Do you belong to the same club just asking for a friend

Also looking for likes, already I have 31 likes on the same, working hard to gather more before embarking to Patel Warehouse job from 6am to 9pm.

@Chiefguest you have disappointed us.

I hope she’s paid you back. No coochie is worthy 20K, hata kama ni ya Huddah Monhoe

Since when did getting pússy morph into rocket science?? . Nkt.
Utumie yeye 100k na ulipie yeye gotv mwezi mbili. Mwîjî :meffi:

She thought her husband would come through as she did when they were dating but amewekwa under budget now she is now hunting for a sponsor and am sure your one among many

If she wanted to give you her pussy she would have done so for free without y even you asking considering it’s not the first time

Having sex with you was a strategy and it’s working well for her it’s distracted you all this time

She wants your money and she isn’t into you…soon the Money will be with her and you will be left alone again

Your thinking with your dikc Instead of using your head

Lakini chief, you should stop simping

Continue simping there will be a trophy for your kind


Boss, since you are not going to get that 20k loan back just chew her severally (min of 10 times) so that you don’t go at a loss.

The Amazon rainforest would be a better hideaway

When you grow up, which you haven’t, you will realize that pussy is not a scarce commodity. Therefore, there should always be a point timewise and moneywise where you draw the line.

Personally, if I chase a kunguru for two weeks bila kupewa kuma I cut my losses and move on without taking things personally. Do this and you will save yourself a lot of time and money, allowing you to focus only on high value projects ie cute women.

There are two resources you commit when trying to tune a chic. Time and money. There should be limits to which you commit these resources, beyond which the juice is no longer worth the squeeze. Chasing after a woman for two years reveals a certain degree of retardation on your part. The money element is mostly relative and varies depending on financial status. Because I don’t know your personal wealth, I will let that part slide.