Elders acheni kumezea mate watoto


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Kuna pia tuschana tws 15 tuna endea mubaba waki itisha iphone na vitu kame hizo

Feminism commercialized love and relationships. These young girls will reach eighteen and will not have time for their age mates since hawana kakitu. Their moms and aunties have been insisting to them to get boys and men that are well loaded. These girls cannot wait to become adults and jump on the mubaba band wagon.


OP afunge thread.
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My Worry is How these 14 to 17 Year Olds Dress… I am a Lady but it makes Uncomfortable Kuona My Fellow Ladies Letting their so-called “Not Over developed teenagers” dressing like video vixens.


True … seen that at the mall today and I was deeply pissed 12 yr olds dressed in tight shorts ka zile za gym in the presence of their mom

People are dressing kids as adults. Unapata mtoto ako 10 ama 12 years amevalishwa mini skirt. Unashindwa why would a parent want to dress a kid that way na vile hii dunia yetu ya saa hii imejaa paedophiles kila kona.

Tulisema akifikisha 18 one minute past midnight ni wewe na yeye…anything below issa no

Unaona Kitoto cha 15 years Kimevaa Crop top imembana huku kako na pointed nipples… What Men Go through aki…

Nimetafuta lanye Ako 16 years calabash nimekosa.

Wewe Ni Kama Ulisema Destiny Yako iko Jela…

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Ile ilinishtua ni siku niliona msichana mdogo (about 10 or 11) amevaa zile ‘trouser’ tight see-through hadi unaona ile pantie amevaa. Saa hizo ako na wazazi wake wanatoka kwa gari wakiingia kwa restaurant. Mind you, huyo msichana ni wale wako naturally plump and can be mistaken as voluptuous. I was left wondering how complacent/retarded a man/father can get to be comfortable with his daughter to strut around in public dressed like that.


He is WOKE. Meaning he is stupid and maybe retarded who thinks the world should change to accommodate his weird views.


Coincidentally today I dreamt being hunted down by police due to being in love deeply with an underage… Was so deeply in love but sikuwa nimekula forbidden fruit

Not condoning these (miss)behaviors, But life is a cycle! A chain reaction! When women in their youths want men their fathers age then youthful men will look for where the depth of their pockets can be appreciated. The cock has to crow(unfortunately)

Kenyan women love wababaz like nonsense