Eldas MCA Ibrahim Abass Dies at Wajir airport

Eldas MCA Ibrahim Abass on Sunday evening, July 4, died at Wajir airport while awaiting a medical emergency flight to Nairobi. The reports were confirmed by Wajir Governor Ahmed Ali. The governor described Abass as a passionate leader who was committed to his work as well as advocated for services for the Wajir people.

A poster for Ibrahim Abass vying for the Wajir MCA position and an undated file image

"I convey my deepest condolences to the family, friends, and the people of Eldas Ward and by extension the people of Wajir County over this sudden and painful loss.
"May the Almighty Allah grant him Jannatul-Firdaus and forgive his sins. May Allah, Rahmani Rahim, expand his grave and light it with his blessings, Ameen ya Allah!” he stated. Eldas MP Adan Keynan also attributed Abass’s style of leadership is admirable.

“He was a brilliant and transformative community servant who served the great people of the Eldas ward with honor and dexterity,” he pointed out.
Ibrahim had been elected on a Party for Development and Reform (PDR) ticket during the 2017 General elections.
The news comes as the Wajir county government has been on the spot in the recent past due to the controversies surrounding the Gubernatorial position for the county.

Muktar took over from Mohamed Abdi Mohamud, who was impeached by the Senate on Monday, May 17.
Despite the ouster, Mohamud continued to participate in county projects with the recent been the National Development Implementation and Communication Cabinet Committee (NDICCC) chaired by Interior CS Fred Matiangi.
The meeting, which both Muktar and Mohamud attended, led to the latter been ejected after the organizers noticed that Wajir was been represented by two governors.

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