El Presidente Rodrigo Duterte; Big Cojones or Just a Cantankerous Old Bugger?

Hehehe. Ati varicose veins tena…

@Luther12 does vitisho help beat addiction?
Withdrawals won’t give a damn about your vitishos

Our moderate(average) moderator also has elephantiasis and gall stones to sum it up.

Anybody who believes that drug ADDICTS read or hear about threats and abruptly end their addiction is dreaming.

Tell that to @spear

Does he kill big shots ama small timers? I think he is just an attention whore like Alexis Tsipras who promised Greeks a lot of things but hasn’t delivered.

Anybody who likes and compares himself to Hitler is a total asshole and anyone who associates with such a person is a big bosta of an aids patient.
Such assholes and bostas should not be associated with the Kenyan state house.