El Presidente Rodrigo Duterte; Big Cojones or Just a Cantankerous Old Bugger?

He has called Obama “the son of a whore” - which is technically factual given Obama’s mother ferked men on four continents - including a jaruo.

He has called The Pope “the son of a whore”.

He has praised Hitler.

Now he says he’s gonna kill all 3 MILLION drug addicts in his country. And it’s not a joke - he has already killed nearly 5,000 dealers in less than six months.

Yesterday, he was in his element when he said this:

“The Americans, I don’t like them…they are reprimanding me in public. So I say: 'Screw you, fuck you, everything else. You are stupid”.

I am reliably informed that the CIA has re-activated what is euphemistically called “The Chavez Institute”. It speciliases in prejudiced outcomes.

Let me get this right! He speaks his mind, he is killing criminals and he hates the usa. Sounds like some good drinking buddy. President Uhuru should invite him for a state visit, they will hit it off.

the philipinos deserve better…not another ma-R-cos…

I say kill all dealers and wheelers. Drug menace is terrible

i applaud you Sir.

Thsnk you , sir.

C’mon Guka! You can do better than this.

Bingwa ukikanyaga huko watakumalisa ju ya hii maneno.

You might live to regret why you wrote this

Sasa nimefanya nini tena? Any falsehood in my statement? I think she ferked guys in/from Africa, Hawaii, Indonesia, the US and Australia? And that’s the ones we KNOW!

Na kama its my use of the anthropological term ‘jaruo’, then I think you need to relax your shiny eyes…:D:D:D:D:D!

Ofcourse that attack on Obama was very wrong and I can’t support it.

The operative phrase, Bwana @spear, is “technically factual”. Technically. I am qualifying Duterte’s statement, not AGREEING with it. Thin line, but a line all the same.

I understand you Guku but remember not everyone is head strong like us.

@spear according to Guka’s post, he says he will kill “drug addicts” too. Should kamwana also do that?

Fear seems to be coursing through your varicose veins

Those are just matisho over hype to put the fear on the drug empire.

He he he he he he! You are smart @Deorro. That’s one of the most loaded replies I’ve seen…wacha nione majibu.

I’m trying to soften abit, this thing of bluntly giving people my health dose of qualified opinion backfired on me this weekend. I ended up hurting a close friend who was comfortable in denial. I’m now trying to learn “feelings”.

But why should a whole president give drug addicts vitisho?

Because 1. In drug addiction sometimes that the only thing that will work. 2. he know you can’t jail 2 million people. Just act on the kingpin and the distributor which is what he is doing. 5k drug lords kill 100,000’s of the drug addicts. Wachana wakule mbegu…