El Nino Saudi and Dubai edition - Arab IABM (AIABM)




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I have never understood this Arabs…ata kama mko desert with all the money this guy’s have hawajawai jenga drainage systems…bara bara safi;rules safi;zero corrupt cops;automatic fining systems;rare traffic jams…lakini drainage tu ndio inawalemea


That place rarely rains, the last time it rained is during Moses times wakivuka red sea. drainage system itakuwa kutupa mbirrions





MBS can go and buy more sand in Afghanistan and Pakistan …:blush:

Najua hio ndio mara yao ya first kuskia thunder

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The problem with catastrophes is not that they happen even to the developed nations, no. The problem is how you respond because natural disasters happen everywhere, including the most developed nations.
Check back on how Dubai responds to the floods and compare with what happens over here in Kenya. Your government allocated KShs. 10b for El Nino recently. No one knows what relief or remedy that money has offered Kenyans because obviously, most of that money is in a few people’s pockets by now.
Didn’t you see floods in NYC and even Singapore just the other day? Now go and look for their response and compare with ours.
There’s no such thing as preparedness that can beat nature. Even the most prepared people suffer disasters. The response is what matters. We are reactive while all those developed nations are proactive.


The elnino disaster funds allocated by JSKS government must be in the following people’s personal accounts

  1. Jirchir
  2. Murkomenomeno
  3. Sooodi
  4. JSKS himself
  5. Smokie kachumbari family merchant
  6. The LGBT boy . Remember sometimes back when it was rumoured his account had 900million na ghaseeer haijawahi soma wacha kurun biashara
  7. Prophetess prayer account
  8. Ichungwaste the new face of impunity

Someone somewhere said, Dubai was a city built on Ego.