El Nino Postponed.................This is Boring

Back in the day, did you go to the movies at Nairobi or 20th and then, just in the middle of the movie, the reel katikas?

You are like shit! What the ferk!

For months now, we have been promised this ndrama, this vindeo of total absolute carnage but what do we get here in Nairobi? Normal weather.

No chaos. No endless jams. No carnage. No death and destruction from the skies. No raging floods and little black babies drowning in the muck in Kibera. No ndrama. No vindeo. No ‘serikali saidia’ sideshows at 9.

Just blue skies and above average temps. Same old same old.

And here I was thinking I was in for a hell of a ride. AM BORED OF SYRIA, AND THOSE DROWNING REFUGEES, FOR GOD’S SAKE. I NEED A LOCAL PRODUCTION - LIKE THE WHOLE OF SOUTH SEA (sic) being covered in four metres of water. Need to feel lucky, you know, as I shed crocodile tears as I lavish every moment. I need to watch those thousands and thousands of Youtube films of those unfortunate slops in a 32-seater being swept to their deaths in Kajiado. Or, even better, Budalangi…serikali saidia, ni saidi mbaya kabisa.

Ferk all Nguatah Flancis wanna-bes. You promised me a block-buster and this is what I get? NO DROWNINGS? No drownings?

And ferk Mastitis too. Hormonal bisch can’t give me nothing no more…


Admin, whythe ferk can’t I EVER edit what I post?

You should be happy, Fossil. If El Nino came I would erode those layers of rocks you call home. Lakini pia mimi nataka kuiona.

Algae, you most primordial of organisms. Haven’t discovered sexual reproduction yet, I guess? Keep fapping, keep walking.

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Actually, Algae are quite advanced compared to other microbes and you have them to thank for most of the oxygen we breath. And they do reproduce sexually.

SOURCE: Microbiologist/Biotechnologist

You on the other hand are a disgrace to life, an absent minded fart in the evolutionary process.

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:D:D:Dthat there sir is well, dark humour. Napenda sana.

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But the drama in this country is never ending.
Prayer rallies
Baba mediating between North and South Korea
Who fixed Ruto
Teachers strike
Broke government
Confused opposition,
Whoever writes the script for KE deserves an award.


Enters someone who brings an unnecessary perspective in an intelligent conversation

Baba offered to mediate between Kim Yong Yong and Kim Who Who? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! That’s downright hiarious!

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This one had me laughing… yenyewe he needs this one after his record of success was dealt a premature blow in the just ended teachers strike

korea and what?
kweli baba ni mubaya

nakwambia hana jokes

Watu tuenjoy game ya harambee stars vs Mauritius super sports 2

There, corrected.

Elnino craze is being fuelled by powers that be to shield people from seeing its/their failings.