El Mencho : Drug Lord filling the void El Chapo left.

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Americans consume illegal narcotics worth an estimated whooping $100 birrions annually!! With El Chapo—once the world’s most notorious drug lord—set to live out the rest of his life in a U.S. prison, another drug lord has emerged to fill his place.

El Mencho (born Nemesio Oseguera-Cervantes) is the leader of Jalisco Nueva Generacion Cartel (JNGC), believed by U.S. officials to be Mexico’s largest criminal organization.

Couple of weeks ago, US Attorney General Jeff sessions placed a $10 million bounty for info that may lead to El Mencho’s capture/arrest.

In his rise to power El Mencho is responsible for the demise of the fLos Zetas cartel (Mexican special forces turned narcos) and Knights Templars cartel.



the only way to beat drugs is to make it legal

He won’t last long.

The US government wako ndani ya Drug trade Kama thong kwa ass. Unafaa kujiuliza mbona that there have the biggest market in the world for drugs in the full view of the authorities. Bribe and violence ndio kusema. Kama USA iko kwa box which country will fight the cartel