el chapo

The mexican attorney general says that he is considering extraditing him to the US to face drug charges there and news emerging that he was captured partly because he gave away his location after meeting sean penn a US actor supposedly to give insight into making a movie about himself. Yaani dude got all the money in the world to disappear off the face of the earth and he cares about some damn movie,???



its a sick jam


Too cool

the movie would be a hit, the rights to air it would be sold to the highest bidder…think along those lines.

ego. self-actualization…he still doesn’t feel famous enough…

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You 38 and you still rapping? ugggh

oops … it’s not 2018 yet

Stupid mofo’… I think he’s not all that smart and Sean Penn what was he thinking… I guess this El Chapo dude will blame him for the arrest and put a price on his head if he hasn’t done so already

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“I am the god, god, god…El chapo!”

“I used to think rapping at 38 was ill/But last year alone I grossed 38 mill’/I know I ain’t quite 38 but still/The flow so (special) got a (38) feel,

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Wait till Game gets older, then young rappers start attacking him for being old :smiley:

el kichapo fell in love with himself. No one survives when it gets there.

Sean Penn and that Mexican actress that organized the meeting should by now be at Baikonur space station in Kazakhstan hugging their families as they prepare to depart for Mars. The foot soldiers will come for them

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