El Chapo Guzman second in command taken down

Guy was tracked down using phone selfies taken when relaxing at a restaurant in mexico

Apana cheza na CIA seals


Uongo, it happened in Brazil. Bolsonaro hataki upus.

[COLOR=rgb(97, 189, 109)]They captured one of the country’s biggest drug traffickers in Brazil, for which purpose Bolsonaro authorized in person the maximum use of the police force available to him, because although the police knew that he moved freely anywhere, he always traveled with his own security and a heavily armed and armed convoy that had repelled more than 50 attempts to capture him. Only one helicopter, one soldier of the army’s artillery and one M134D machine gun that shoots 8,000 shots of .50 caliber per minute sufficed.

Haloooooooo… Nimewahi bebwa na Chinook ya Special Forces, the helicopter came under fire from the Taliban below, wacha Special Forces waachilie hio .50 caliber, manze gari ina-shrediwa into pieces na sauti ya hio gun is too damn loud, mpaka saa hii I have a problem hearing well with my left ear.

Ferk gringos



Ati M134D machine gun chucking 130 .50 cal ammo PER second!!! Wtf[ATTACH=full]225187[/ATTACH]
.50 is the first one BTW on the comparison

Ni kama wanataka kuua ndovu. :D:D:D:D:D

Shait. Overkill. Wueh!!This must have been a highly secretive operation probably known to just a few of the top cops in that country. Huyo pilot na soldier probably wameshapewa new identities na wakapewa vacation money for a few years abroad. The cartel will be looking for them everywhere because they will put a big prize on their heads.

And there’s a tongue of flame almost 2m long from the gun muzzle. At night it’s a spectacular sight

Aka 12.7mm

They shredded your cousins?

:D:D:D Kama the police can take you out this way. Wamechoka na wewe mpaka there shoot you so many times until they make sure you are still wounded in your afterlife

Daayum! Find Jesus…


Kama 7.62 mm inapasua mtu hii ni hatari.

123… going down, there was such a post mod akaitoa jana.

Yo, just letting you know, I started reading your paragraph and thought it was Makena.

He reminds me of maghufuli in his first 2 months…no nonsense

Holy crap!