Eiiii. Miisi ya kura yawa.


@Purple , @Kahuni Maisha have you sent your condolences ?

George Obama living in the slums yawa.


I did, have you

Yes I have.

The man is an avid proponent of Wealth Distribution

Yeah, so sad that she’s dead but she lived a very fulfilling life that most of us can only dream of. Rest well mama Sarah.


Mluhya itabidi usoee yawa.

If you die at 99 and you are not in daipers and can remember the names of your grandkids we should just salute you.

Rest in peace

Tunajua ni covid. Hii mambo ya 99 years mmeleta ati ndio watu waone she died of natural causes so there is no link to her being killed by deep state CCP China covid. :smiley:

We can see the games at play. We know that Obama and CCP China can’t be portrayed to be at odds.

Stupid @T.Vercetti dancing at the grave of an old fulfilled lady. Scum.

Njaruo how do you know that she was fulfilled?

Do you think she approved of homo obama’s g.ay lifestyle and how he is forcing ga.yness on everyone?

One thing I can assure you 1000% is that @T.Vercetti is a luo most probably from Oyugis and has some lineage from the neighbouring Kisii. This guy is a luo through and through.

Ukipiga 90 we don’t even mourn. We celebrate. People like @Kahuni Maisha may even not make it to 50 juu ya usherati.

90 gani. Who is shouting the most about 99 years? Its the leftist U.S media to dispel any link to Covid. China can’t be seen in bad light, Russia and Trump ndio wabaya according to the globalists.