EGYPTOLOGY (Interesting paintings)

Lately, in a bid to find why we exist on earth, I have had much interest in Egyptology, especially regarding the recorded history and the remains. The paintings provide so much info into what life might have been during those years, but then again, the paintings and drawings leave a lot of questions. Some of these paintings are as old as 5,000 years. Just imagine the artistes who painted them, little did they know that 5,000 years later, we would be here wondering trying to figure out how our ancestors lived.

Attached are some pics found at the site near where Seti The 1st tomb was located.
Scientists estimate that the images are about 4-5,000 years old.
What was really going on in the pictures?
5,000 years later and the paint is still permanent? Nowadays, even if you paint your house, by Dec ishaanza kufade. I wonder hat technology they used.


Egyptology is one vast mystery. It connects aliens to humans with incredibly vast evidence.

Lately, in a bid to find why we exist on earth, I have had much interest… Here is your answer

One of Egyptian remains in Vatican. [ATTACH=full]251011[/ATTACH]
This self loving nyeuthi built Giza(most famous pyramid). Alikuwa anaitwa Kafre.

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