Egypt may have a role in the Ethiopian war

Why African people are so quick to forget?. This is a 7 year old video on Egyptian ministers planning on ways which they could use in dealing with the Ethiopia,

If Muslims kill each other waishe kwa dunia, that would be okay.

The people in that video are just mad. They are at war with Ethiopia but somehow they are finding a way to conclude that they are at war with israel and america even though the US openly supports them. the religious fanaticism is just way blown up.
In any case, i dont think their future is in Nile. There has to be a better solution like going back to Arabia where they came from.


Egypt will definitely take advantage of the situation to destabilize Ethiopia. The may even be the ones urging Tigrey to fight.

Even without Egypt’s intervention, the way the domestic situation was evolving, they would have gone to war anyway. However, we cannot rule out the possibility of Egypt taking advantage of the situation to destabilize Ethiopia.

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