Egypt Issues STARK Warning To Ethiopia Over Nile Waters

ISMAILIA, Egypt (AP) — Egypt’s president said Tuesday his country’s share of the Nile River’s waters are “untouchable" in a stark warning apparently to Ethiopia, which is building a giant dam on the Nile’s main tributary.

The comment from President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi comes amid a deadlock in the yearslong talks over the dam between the Nile Basin countries, which also includes Sudan.

In a news conference, el-Sissi warned of “instability that no one can imagine” in the region if the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is filled and operated without a legally binding agreement.


“No one can take a single drop of water from Egypt, and whoever wants to try it, let him try," he said. “No one imagines that it will be far from our capabilities.”

El-Sissi did not name Ethiopia in his remarks, the strongest on the dam’s dispute by an Egyptian official in years.

So with a legally binding document dam inaweza jazwa?

Wamekunja mkia ao.

Suez canal crisis was a warning shot to Egypt from Ethiopia’s friends in high positions.

Meanwhile, to counter Iran, Saudi Arabia will have to spend trillions of shillings in the next 7 years, to appease the US, who cheat the Arabs that they can protect them against Iran

Bullshit… Ethiopia- the only uncolonised country in Africa will proceed. Waache vitisho

What can Egypt do? They dont border Ethiopia, that means ground attack is highly unlikely. The distances to cover for aerial bombings are vast, making that option ineffective and risky. That he has been forced to make such undiplomatic comments can only mean that Egypt has lost the battle to guard the colonial era treaty that did not even involve Ethiopia

am with Ethiopia. Egypt’s entitlement is off putting. The nile is not their water. They are only entitled to and should be grateful for the one that reaches their lands. and now the biased little captain orange who was blatantly on their side is powerless

Waatu waache kuzaana kama panya na ku-blame country ingine. Those fuckers are crammed along the Nile’s banks na wanatombana tu bado. They were 79 million in 2010 na today they’re over 100 million. Yaani waliongezeka over 20 million in a decade, knowing full well the river is a scarce resource. Washienzi sana.

Ati Egypt wanasema liwe liwala nao Ethiopia wanadai katambe katambe … wacha basi kanuke.

They bred with the assurance that there was more than adequate water for washing their arses…
In the process denying other countries water for food and power production

Egypt wants to control the Nile and allocate water to Ethiopia. The only way this will happen is, if the Nile starts to flow from Egypt to Ethiopia .
btw india pakistan turkey iraq may be going to war over the same issues of fresh water

Egypt want to stretch their dic to where it can’t reach.
Let them start desalinate sea water na wazoee mapema juu ata mother nature ineza waruka

These aRubs like rubbing africans the wrong way.
Let them turn the sahara sand into water and nobody will disturb them.
Khadaffi almost achieved that with his Great Man-Made River…

izo umbwa hazitumii akili:D
finally itabidi waende bench marking kwa jews ya kutumia saline water kama wamekunja mkia, hapo ndio wataForciwa na jews kuSign peace treaty ya 5000 years kama age ya pyramids
hapo ndio izo nyani zitatii

Egypt reminds me of the karen that was demanding wifi password ama atanyuria mongrel ya wenyewe:D:D:D

Important to remember that even .ke can not use lake victoria waters for irrigation because of the 1929 nile waters treaty.

fuckkk Egypt, that colonial treaty is as good as a tissue paper. wajaribu vita waone Yom kipur ingine na Sinai tupatie Israel. they are a toothless dog siku hizi. Nile ni yetu wote to do as we want kwanza Kenya tuanze ku commercialise lake victoria waters

Wewe ni kama vulture. Unataka kachache ndio you house their beautiful woman kwako. Hao warembo hakuna vile wanaeza kaa kakuma ama daadab. Tuna wasmuggle Hadi Nairobi. In 5 years hao warembo watakuwa Kenyans through naturalization.

What if ithiopia poison hio maji si hizo ghasia zote zitanyuria.

I chose to ignore the empty talk by Egypt.They won’t do shit even if Ethiopia decided to divert the waters to lake Turkana in Kenya

Will the pharaoh fvck the eunuch?

Mtu aweke ile picha ya Amin laughing sheepishly while on the same nile.