Egypt agrees to accommodate Palestinians to allow Israel eradicate Hamas

In retun, half of it’s $50B debt to IMF would be forgiven. Hamas MUST be destroyed for a better future. @hakimoto @rexxsimba

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@Aka_mpole :
We should do the same arrangement to deal permanently with Al Shabaab in Somalia …

Then we get to completly pay off our KES: 12.8 Trillon National Debt:rofl:


Egypt will never open the border,

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The Egyptians have to be very careful with that manouver …
Within Egypt itself , an offshoot of Hamas , the Moslem Brotherhood , is alive and well …
If some Hamas fighters end up in Egypt during the Exodus , there could be real problems for Egypt in avery short while … :joy:


The aim is to remove all palestinians from gaza then convert the area to a military operation zone permanently. That way you gain double double coz you remove the threat and gain territory.

Secondly the Israeli cunts can’t eradicate Hamas , they will still be bombed and they cry like whores , they will only bomb that land forever

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Egypt better not allow this, what happened to Muslim brotherhood? Yaani they assist Israel to grab Palestinian lands tu hivo

Egypt is very careful about Muslim Brotherhood. Jail or death.

To be Fair …
Egypt has been a very honest broker in this conflict since the Camp David Accords where they signed a permanent Peace with Israel , got back their Sinai Territory and allowed Palestinian Refugees to settle in Gaza under the Palestinian Peoples Authority …

The late President Anwar Saadat (RIP) was already having enough trouble with the Islamic Brotherhood and did not want the additonal problems Palestinian Refugees.

The current President , Abdel Fattah al-Sisi , is a modernist who wants none of that Pro-Iranian Islamist crap in modern Egypt.
Sisi has expressed his personal concerns about the issue of Women’s Rights and Sexual Assault in the country while on a hospital visit to a woman receiving treatment after an assault during celebrations in Cairo’s Tahrir Square , ordering the Army , Police and Media to counter the scourge.

President Sisi has called for the reform and modernisation of Islam.
He has taken measures within Egypt such as regulating Mosque Sermons and changing school textbooks ,including the removal of some content on Saladin and Uqba ibn Nafi inciting or glorifying hatred and violence towards non-Muslims.

He has also called for an end to the Islamic Verbal Divorce , however, this was rejected by a council of Moslem Imams and Scholars from Al-Azhar University.

President Sisi also became the first Egyptian President in the country’s history to attend Christmas Mass and gave a speech at the Coptic Orthodox Christmas service in Cairo in January 2015 calling for Religious Unity and wishing the Christians a Merry Christmas.

Hamas , Hezbollah , Islamic State , Moslem Brotherhood and the Houthis are all Iranian sponsored terrorist organizations with only 2 goals …

  • the destruction of the State of Israel.
  • the establishment of a pri-Iranian Islamist Caliphate in the Middle East.

It won’t ever happen:rofl: