What’s the deal with Eastleigh and poor network coverage? Is it by design ama nini kinakula kingine. I have to go to this part of town once or twice weekly and it is a pain being there. People that need reach you can’t and you have to “find network” to respond to “I tried calling yous”. Hawa wariahe walikosea nani?

Nunua simu ya maana. Meffi wewe

Kuna siku nilibuy nguo huko nikasema nilipe na MPESA. Wariah ilibidi anitoe nje tukaenda like 10 metres from his shop ndio transaction ikakubali. The entire process took around 10 minutes. I think either ni hizo buildings vile huwa zimeshikana mingi ama hizo crowds huwa huko, or a combination of both. Ata ukienda vitu kama graduation mahali thousands of ghaseers are concentrated in one location, kupata network huwa shida.

Akakubali Mpesa? They mostly insist on “withdraw” and they give you the agent number…

Yeah, I think nili-withdraw akaenda kuchukua pesa.

the place needs street level cell towers[ATTACH=full]437983[/ATTACH]

No receipts , no Kra , cash only these people have it soft.

KRA itawafikia tuuu. Ata Luthuli walikuanga na soft life but nowadays when offloading those electronics there’s always a KRA agent recording the details.