Effects of Truman posts on Kenyan women

Top of the morning elders…now some time last year my 2nd wife noted when i am free i spend substantial time in kijiji so she started reading some of the posts though without a handle. Of late she has started reading these Truman kapote posts alot and i fear such feminist ideologies may corrupt her. Is there a way to shield her from being radicalised…

No. Start getting your affairs in order. It’s just a matter of time before you get shafted.

She’d have to be super thick to be radicalised by such nonsense…though to be honest, we don’t marry them for their brains, right Elder?

A man like me is always 2 steps ahead…

I think you meant we marry them for being thick… :slight_smile:

There are so many Truman Capote in this life. If your woman is the kind to be radicalized, then it’s just a matter of time.



You think you’re wise marrying a fool? Lol:D:D:D

nikiingia ktalk , naingianga kama vile naingia SJ hakuna mtu ananijua anaweza ona. nakaa far from bibi na watoi incognito mode but my laptop hakuna mtu anaguza, bibi ako na yake.

Bro, how do u enter kijiji with ur wifes knowledge???

Do you know the snooping skills of these people…

Truman copies her posts from elsewhere. Are you also going to stop your wife from accessing those sites as well?
Also out of all the posts on KT why zoom on hers only? both of you? smdh…load of cobblers.

What about your 3rd and 4th wives?