Effects of inflation!

Nikiingia Kenya power ninunue tokens za 7k after kunyandua nimpatie kuna shida ?

Aliniambiwa 5k a night nikasiberia

You don’t pay a prostitute for sex, you pay them to leave.

:D:D:Dkali sana

hata nikiwa na pesa i can’t pay that shit… hawa malaya wanakuwanga na hii high taste na att are shitty in bed…
by talking shit in their posts they want to make sure they will only deal with sexually starved beta males…


Kuna mwingine 2017,was just about 22,fly and yellow yellow,nilimpata in one of my travels to the Lakeside when bado nilikuwa na kamwili kadogo,nikamuambia alete kuma nitwange kisha niappreciate na 5k(i was still a beta,struggling with pussy).Lady alijifeel hiyo ni pesa kidogo sana in a night hata hawezi tumia kusuka nywele.
Siku hizi namwona hapa nairobi akiwa amechapa sana,huwa ananiona whatsapp ananitumia ma-hi and “mambo,inakuwaje nikuletee vitu…?”…mimi nninapiga snob ile serious.
Life has a way of devaluing this bitches!!

The argument is why risk the 7k for pussy that might not be that good…

problem we don’t own either and if we do kuna initial costs and running costs kama sio unit ya 100/- ni shopping outing food etc we will still pay!!

atleast that’s their core business and you know risks vs benefits involved rather than gf and wives dishing it out raw… I have seen another post a pregnant wife is HIV and the husband doesn’t know!!

Its called the wall :D:D:D

true ukidecide kumalisia hio 7k kabisa itakuwa police case…