Effects of election on me.

Kampuni ilitupa ruhusu kwenda kuvote and told us to remain home for the rest of the days on the voting week(s),only for me to find the days have been deducted from my leave days.I have also been going on leave occassionally sasa niko na 5 days remain for a FY ending next year June.What to do?
Siku nne na vile I wanted to test the SGR thing coming holiday.Really fucked up


you will test SGR ikipita Nairobi to Naivasha

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Kwani how many leave days are you given?

Leave days ni nini?

Write a letter to the MD and quote the memo…or carry a copy to the MDs office while holding the banner written “RESIST! RESIST!”

Kama ruhusa ilikua verbal…u have no case under the Kenya legal system

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If the company published a memo to all employees concerning the days there’s nothing he can do. Nowhere in the employment act is it written that a person must be individually informed of the company’s intentions.

SGR natest this friday.

Published or not , there’ no case in Kenya, Labour laws do not exist.

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If you were in your employers’ position , what would you have done? I’ assuming your organisation has many employees.
The voting day should not be a part of this , but the other days someone has to account for . The only thing is your boss should have told everyone in advance that it’ going to be taken from your leave days .
FYI the SGR isn’ going anywhere and you can sample it better off holiday mayhem .

gonjeka wiki mzima!, hio ndio form, you never use your leave days katikati ya mwaka

Usijali ni wakati wako kumeza mate. When you’re a Bwana Mkubwa utakula nyama ya vacation.

Kumira kumira ta thuraku mundu wa nyuba

kunja mkia apana argue na muhindi mpaka nikuwe president nifukuze wahindi , wasomali na waarabu wote kenya