Effect of redpill, MGTOW and female delusion.

Big wedding dress company bankrupt. Combination of men not seeing the benefit of marriage and women “knowing their worth and not settling” (until it’s too late).

Imebaki tu AI porn na sex dolls zikuwe cheap ndio simps waache kulipia OnlyFans. Then, despite inflation in 10 years, bei bado itakuwa 150 because of the oversaturated market.


Huko Yues weddo huwa expe vicrazy, saa hii economy zote zinauma nje. But supply of beta males is unlimited. Gentlemen control your cocks

Siku hizi vijana ni kupeana mimba na kupeana ultimatum. Mnipe msichana roho safi ama munilelee mutoto. Choose whichever you want.

This is clearly an effect of RP and men going their own way and why the mainstream will label it as a hate group. Historically SIMPs have been keeping the capitalist wheel going.

I’ve never decoded this OF phenomenon. Because kuingia tu pornhub is cheaper but that one also fucks up the brain in a way. IG sasa ndo they worship these women with over 100,000 followers.

I think ni ju OnlyFans feels more “personal”. It’s nudes from a girl who is texting you. Sasa hapa wanalipa $10+ per month just to be texted a copy paste message the hoe has sent to every subscriber. And they get to masturbate to to this girl who “cares about them”. And the worst part is on top of subscription kupata videos and such unalipa more.
I’ve never really understood it since you can just go to a strip club and get that same experience but with in person interaction. Ama ata ulipe hoe ukimwaga upate some clarity.

A fool and his money are soon parted

Shoot, took me back to the movie ‘Euphoria’. Some fat guy with low self esteem paid for this same style of content to a lady no one wanted to take serious. It was the beginning of her mountain of an ego.

Haha nakumbuka. The girl herself hakuwa ameiva and was fat as well but after hio content ata confidence inaongezeka. Sa ubaya ya madem ka hao ni they start thinking they’re deemed hot by most men then wakipata vitu kwa ground ni different wanaanza kulia about societal standards

Same effect inaonekana pale Tagged. Wangapi Platoon wako inbox yao usiku na mchana hadi kichwa inafura na maringo. 2/10 anaanza kuitisha 2k per shot badala ya 150 na mnalipa. Kumbe thirsty niccurs ndio wanamwongeza mileage akielekea wall. Ghafla bin vuu singomathas wanatujazia makanisa while Boni Forest is overpopulated by fugitive talkers. Hebu andikeni BEI NI 150 kwa profile zenu za Tagged

Today a moslem wife who has sired 4 boys borrowed me money for Ramadan, she’s those good moslem women who got married right out of school in an arranged marriage. So I asked myself, what is the point of being married if your husband can’t give you money to buy festivities for his 4 sons. I really don’t understand the world I live in anymore.

You are not married, shida. You are married, more problems, you don’t have kids problem, you have kids problem. You have girls problems, you have boys problems. This life no balance ohhh.

You will regret it whichever path you take. Right now I have like 5 married women I’m counselling yet I am not married myself. Hii dunia si ya mtu, kanyaga pole, pole. The things I have heard I don’t even judge anyone anymore. Like si you are the one who has a husband, you are the one who should be lending me money.

Frankly speaking when I listen to the married women’s problems I ask myself do I have the mettle to take all this crap from a man claiming to be my husband and I know myself HAKI siezani na mateso. I don’t have the tolerance. Either I would have poisoned my husband to death or I would be in Mathare by now.

This marriage thing is not a joke. Kama huwezani huwezani. Don’t insist. Live your own life which you can manage and tolerate and let those on the other side of the fence or plant

People are realizing that marriage needs alot of tolerance and not everyone is cut out for the plantation. Personally from the stories I get from my married friends it’s no walk in the park, but such is life, everyone will have their struggles and troubles. You married, mates. You ain’t married, loneliness. You have kids, endless demands and expectations. You don’t have children, you wonder who will take care of you when you are old and who will inherit your property. This life, no balance and there’s no guarantees. You choose your path and then you cope however best you can with what you choose. I was looking at the parents who lost their kids to accidents or murders, life is full of surprises. You roll with the punches. The greater the investment the greater the risk and reward. Live and let live. Every man and woman will have his/her fair share of trouble regardless of their decision about marriage. All anyone can do is do the best with what they have at the moment. The rest God will deal the cards.