A bsc student can b a teacher( with a tsc no) but has to do some courses,please help,which r these courses n how long does it take?

go to any uni and visit department ya education, you will be directed.
nisafishe mecho sasa inbox

by doing a two years post graduate diploma in education

2 years!!! Heri msee afanye masters basi

inabidi coz utakuwa unataka kuwa teacher

go do comparisons in instutions of interest. Atapata postgrad dip yenye ni ya mwaka moja.

Hahaha, huyu ni former pinkie chunga sana.

Like you were told above, you need a post grad diploma in education.

What is your BSc specialization? After you do your MSc, what then? Do you have the aptitude to take a purely academic career all the way to PHD and may be still become a teacher?