Education Savings Plan

Niaje wadau, which insurance company offers the best education policy in 254, I think its prudent I start planning for my unborn kids.

Advice on other investment plans are welcome.

[SIZE=1][FONT=book antiqua]following for my unborn kids[/FONT][/SIZE]

old mutual

Compare ICEA Lion group

Chungulia pia Britam na Sanlam (formerly panafrica life), am with Britam and i like their package

Mimi niko Sanlam. Alafu kama hauna watoto there is no need

Sure,you might save then find out later you are infertile,barren,whareva. figsed:p

You can opt for a savings plan meanwhile…since for an education policy the childs details will be required(birth cert etc)…never been disappointed with UAPOLDMUTUAL…

zote ziko same. chukua ile itakupatia free calendar every year


wacha nduthi saa hii,save your tadpoles for later cervix invasion

Am already a beneficiary of the plan as i already have kids,nduthi?nope

  1. UAP Old Mutual (or whatever else they call themselves these days).
  2. ICEA Life (a lil bit pricey)
    3.Jubilee Ins. (wide variety of cover, BUT KEEP ALL PAYMENT RECEIPTS INTACT, they have ‘system errors’ when policies mature).