Education in Kenya: Boarding vs Day

Boarding school were preferred by the colonialists for high school students at that time since they were resource and incubation hubs. Furthermore, transport back then was limited hence they offered an easy way out. High schools beyond CPE education were few and hence they took students from all over the country(that is why they were called national schools). Today, things have changed in terms of technology, transport and the education curricula. However, the same system of selection is being used at entry level for high schools. Some parents prefer day schools but due to low quality of day school they are forced to take their children to boarding schools. Still, school by teaching some outdated techniques are yet to march up to modern technology and careers. For instance, even with technology in agriculture, students are still taught to use jembes and forks for their daily routine. Also, there is limited exposure for most students to modern technology in the Information Technology field. Back in the day boarding school used to offer a student basic life skill by sending students to milk, garden, shear etc. Today, it is day school students who tend to acquire life skills early since they are more exposed to the real world while their boarding school counterparts go through a routine of never ending prep time.

Boarding school is where parents take children to a alienate them from themselves, I have heard of a parent taking a 7 year old to a boarding school.

Word!! They transfer parenting duties to teachers and matrons. It is the same parents who at old age who complain most if their children do not visit. I personally believe the boarding school system has wreaked havoc in our country, the way those students behave when they are set free or once they join campus is a good example. I believe boarding schools set the precedents in life for most our culture including corruption. Unlike back when boarding school were started where the students’ median age was 20-24; after 8-4-4 started it is now 13-18 and in some case 7. By repressing adolescent desires, the system sets conditions for the student for a lifetime.

Parents will swear up and down that they are doing it for the benefit of the child but the truth is they are just dumping them children on somebody else to do their parenting job for them.
I know a lady who went to Kyeni Girls from standard 3 to form 4. Very normal girl in appearance but she says she has nothing in common with her siblings or her parents. She feels anxiety when around them. She is closer to one of her teacher’s family than her real family. She even goes to their shags and attends their functions with them:oops::oops:

I don’t know how any normal parent can comfortably sleep at night not having seen their child for days/weeks on end. If you can’t be bothered raising your kids then don’t have them…
That said, I think boarding school is advantageous for high school students who come from poor families. They are assured of 3 meals a day and a conducive environment for learning.

Yes yes. For secondary education, parents who wish to see their children as they grow have no luck. They have to send em to boarding schools because only wahindi secondary schools like Aga Khan and Oshwal are day schools.
There are no quality day schools no more. I think UpperHill, Highway, Aquinas all converted into boarding schools

There is a major of problem the way schools are structured in Kenya, which “creates” a need for boarding school. We created a class system in schools", defined by a national exam result. This means a Child resides in Buru Buru. He wakes up at 5am and takes 2 buses to attend Ngong Primary School. In between, he passes 50 schools. Why? Kangemi Primary is better or best or affordable? So now parents dont want that burden of transporting, feeding daily. Why cant all schools be made the same. After all, the teachers are the same. Ban all children travelling more than 3km from their residence. Very easy to enforce. If a schools performance starts to drop, put the principle to task. After all, all the kids who scored "A"s in Primary, are the same ones who scored "A"s in Alliance. So why bunch’em. They’ll score the same mark anyway.

@Cleopatra VII pitia hapa kidogo

TSC is to blame for this mess, if a teacher from a local school is performing then he/she is transferred to a top ranking school.

The wahindi ‘day scholars’ proceed to become good businessmen while our graduates even those aged 60 will end up fighting over inheritance. Our ‘quality’ is measured by performance at national examinations and not life skills. I dont think CBC will help too, what we need is to prepare our children for careers. Course like enterpreneurship journalism, manufacturing, flight attendance, interior design, nursing, biotech etc. should be taught in basics at high school level to help our children grasp life skills early enough.

Some parents have children for continuity or pressure from society hence they escape real parenting through the boarding school system.

That said, I think boarding school is advantageous for high school students who come from poor families. They are assured of 3 meals a day and a conducive environment for learning.

True, it also act as a safe haven for children against early childhood marriages, FGM and child abuse.

@Mundial unafungua shule lini tupate amani? Afadhali uwache tu shule mapema ukuwe hawker wa KSL tu mara moja. Hio ndio career option uko nayo hapo Kayole Mixed Day Secondary School.

Afadhali hata huyo mamako akupatie school fees yote ya miaka nne uikunywe yote keg!

Yaani patco hauna huruma, thread yangu sasa itakuwa inaleak ammonia soon.

:D:D Saa hii hako kamlevi kamelala ndani ya mtaro usi tense! Najua magithaa zake vizuri sana. Huwa nakawekea notes ndio kakirauka kakuwe busy. Ni kama homework.

Na kanakuwaga excited juu nimekakumbuka.

Lakini since umejitetea wacha nikapeleke sex and relationships kakakunie huko.

Me niliingia boarding kutoka class six hadi 8…then high school boarding…from haeskul nikakaa 8months home kisha nikaenda university abroad…na bado am close to my parents n family…i think its more personal than generalization…

bonobos copied the colonialists and forgot to update , now we are stuck in the 60’s

Isn’t that what 99.9% of Kenyan farmers use?

Dumping parental responsibility on underpaid,overworked adults who have kids of their own to take care of…is it any wonder those kids turn out to be completely maladjusted to modern society and the community.

Kenya is still stuck in the 1900s as far as our education system is concerned.