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Tafadhali fungueni education category kama nilivyosuggest, because Miguna’s articles are too heavy to be merely classified as “news” or “politics” or “general”.

Kwanza leo vile amepea kadame kengine hapo sweep! He should be charged in a court of law because he intellectually assaulted her.

Kesho, Makau Mutua’s ice-cold medicine will be dished out. Nimekaba jonde nikingoja hiyo roast.

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Nairobi you’re fucked. If this buffoon is the best you can do. Kidero is a thief, Sonko ni illiterate chokora, and then this madman.
Huko kwetu Meru we have great choices. Both Munya and Kiraitu are adults.


Viva Nairobi Viva

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Miguna will NYOROSHA those cartels.

Kiraitu Murungi, the thief?

You really know what’s good for you, don’t you?


Someone is about to pull a Trump on Watu wa Nyairofi…


Kunasemangwo “Nyairofi yakirwo andu me toro”

nimengoja hio ice cold medicine sana

Question tags boss, question tags.

You really don’t know what’s good for you, do you?

It was meant sarcastically. I am correct.


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Miguna is just a master of platitudes, a man without grit to accept that there are other more intelligent beings than him, that if you espouse an opinion contrary to his then you are a fool.


They are all thieves