education at a crossroad

If you managed to go through university until graduation without hitches thank God. Very soon Education will only be reserved for the rich. Kibaki tried to subsidize the cost of education to ensure we have literate, skilled and competent population but the jubilee regime is doing a complete opposite of that. Very soon, regardless of how well your kid perform in high school, you will have to resort back to the old ways of doing harambee to ensure you take your kids through campus.

The future of our kids is at jeopardy, they have denied us jobs and now they are about to deny our kids education.
Doing medicine has been scaled up from 2.3M to 3M, Engineering is up by 1M and law has been reviewed from 700k to 1M among many other courses. mjipange na mapema otherwise mnalea form four leavers who will end up being useless in the future.

[SIZE=5]Tano Tena![/SIZE]



Watenda Uganda wakuje na mimba kama cate actress. Yaani hii serikali imeamua tu kutujazia single mothers:D

[SIZE=5]Very interesting. The folks who once shouted Kumira Kumira are the ones playing victim now that their guy has devastated the entire country. Na bado! Come 2022 fools will line up very early in the morning to vote for an equally if not more useless regime. Mark my words on this.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Ladies and gents, please stock up on lots of Arimis and Vaseline sababu mambo bado![/SIZE]

Webe ni ure ure

Haki naona nikipea Raira, we have hoodlums being fronted by Uda in Central. So many independents will carry the day

Let’s continue getting shafted until the day we say enough is enough and pour out into the streets or make wise choices at the ballot box.

@Jura io fees itakuwa inalipwa na foreign parasitic owners of capital, na wanakudai for the next 40 years after kumaliza shule. nilipost ivi, 2019. Ata kama una pesa, hautaruhusiwa kulipa fees cash, either uwe sponsored na government, ama uchukue education loan.

Our neighbors around are in a state of anarchy. Ethopia is fighting, the unrest in South Africa, terrorists in Somalia, Tyrants in Uganda and Tanzania. Kenya is an isolated island sitting on a time bomb. The next government will make or break kenya.