Eddie Butita: 24 Hours In Kariobangi

I feel this is a step in the right direction, Kenyan comedy specials. 99% of Kenya’s so called comedians do not have content to last more than 5 minutes. Alafu 99% of the material they post is the usual tribal crap. No story line or theme. This is a breath of fresh air.


This guy is going far. Albeit slowly but ata toboa…

kudos to him.

kenyan comedy be growing every day.wengine wetu kitu tunaeza fanya ni kuchekesha kunguru atupe slices na wengine wanapata pesa

kwani hayuko kwa runinga ya NTV tena?

He should shun Churchill. Huyo fala hudandia jasho ya wengine.

Saa zingine pia ubaki na blueballs.

When I used to watch Trend during Madowo era this guy made it worthwhile.

He’s has the comedic timing right.

Churchill stopped trying years ago.
Why work hard when all his underlings do all the work for him?
He’s a a “brand” now so he does as he pleases.
Some upcoming comedians claim their acts have been stolen and done by the “bigger” comedians.

Lakini nothing last forever nawadaiz anachapa komedi hadi kwa estate juzi alikuwa Utawala.

I don’t find him that funny

Napatia hi show points coz the audience is shown unlike show kaa Chipukeezy live na ile ya Ofweneke where hushuku wanachesa watu coz u hear but never see the “live audience”.

True, you don’t laugh that much watching it, but it’s revolutionary in the sense that he’s attempting to keep people laughing for 30 minutes. The format in Kenya that has been popularized by Churchill is for him to make jokes for 5 minutes then act as MC for the rest of his own show. In majuu you find some comedians even have a team of writers, the same way musicians do, so if he incorporates all of that then he’ll keep improving.

Nice job Butita!!

This was awesome, we need more of this and less of Churchill.