Edday Samidoh's wife relocates to the US : why do Kenyan women run abroad after being cheated on?

I have seen so many cases where a married man takes on another wife and the first wife quietly plans her exit to the West. However most do not go with their kids. One I know left her months old daughter and her son with their father. My late uncle’s wife who is also late, left him with her toddlers and relocated to Mombasa without a trace after finding out that he infected her and their last born. Edday has now enrolled her kids to school and they have started going already.

I don’t know why men nowadays do not respect their first wives. People both male and female cheat even to the point of having kids from other people but they keep it under wraps out of respect for the family.

I have never seen people of my parents era disrespecting their first wives like they do nowadays. Make no mistake, no woman is happy to share her husband with another woman. None. You can see after De’Mathew death how the facade of happy polygamy came tumbling like a pack of cards and I even suspect that it was the reason behind his untimely demise.

Either way, I wish the kids well. God will always vindicate the shamed wives of your youth. It is in Micah. However those who dump their kids I’m not for it because especially girls can be taken advantage of without the constant care of a mother.

There’s a guy I know who took up a second wife who had gotten pg with his twins. He had four kids with his first wife. First wife relocated to US and left him with the kids. The second wife decided that she wasn’t willing to be in that situation with 6 kids, she left him with the twins and moved to another man who had no baggage. He is now a single father of 6 having been abandoned by his first and second wife.

People need to respect their marriages. Nowadays a marriage is like a matatu, you can alight and pick another man or woman whenever you want. No more fidelity. Just an arrangement. God bless our parents who really respected their marriage vows.

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Wewe after kutombwa Rasa na babako ulirelocate to kayolee ama USA? Kayole Tu chief


@TrumanCapote :

Long time ago , I predicted here that Ms : Edday Nderitu would soon get fed up for the Samidoh / Karen Nyamu nonsense and bail out …
It has now happened …
In the USA , she has a good friend and mentor who offers her moral and financial support …

Ms: Bernice Saroni .

Soon , she will also find a new lover who appreciates and takes care of all that booty …

Then it will be bye-bye Samidoh forever …:grin::grin:

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All that bootey samidoh amechoka nayo . Now the good senator kinyaaamo will have a full time dickmatization

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Samidoh is a serial womanizer …
Hatosheki na Dame Moja …
Watch this space …:grin:


Three-some loading …??? :grin::grin:

Karen, Karen…What a way to gain fame