Economic turn around of historical proportion

“We’re going to go a lot higher,” Trump said, referring to the report that showed a 4.1 percent rise in gross domestic product during the second quarter. It was the highest quarterly jump in nearly four years.




When you cut taxes and cut regulations the rich people increase their wealth overnight making the economy rise. Reagan did it in the early 1980s. The downside to this is that the gap between the rich n poor will rise.

So where are the Ktalk Chinese diehards?

It’s a cannibalizing cycle. Until the next recession…

Going to save as much money as i can…

@vanadium @Purple This is how the markets responded to the “historic” news.

Doesn’t look like he can fake it until he makes it



You may want to read monthly charts of the stock exchange. Not daily charts.

Kumbe hata wewe ni Trump fanatic :D:D
Trump really was pissed off, and against Amazon ‘not paying taxes’, now guess who’s making more billions in zero taxes, yep, Amazon and co, and more so from Chinese products…

People should look at the overall trump agenda. He is trying to resurrect factories which are a major employer.

Service industries are major cause of financial bubbles

Yeah but Amazon is just one company out of a million. If they make money, they make money. And they do pay taxes. Securities and Exchange Commission, said that Amazon paid $177 million in income taxes in 2014, $273 million in 2015 and $412 million last year.
Maybe what Trump was alluding to was that they don’t collect state taxes, which they do.
And I am not a Trump fanatic. But facts are facts.

I suppose you made an assumption that I do not view other charts? The daily charts show how investors reacted to the news! They were unmoved, disinterested and proceeded to sell stocks. What does that tell you? Who knows the value of such numbers better, investors or the self congratulating Trump? There is no investor confidence in what Trump says or does economically. Here is the pro-Republican Wall Street Journal on what some here have claimed is a “turnaround” of historical proportions:

Investors are fleeing U.S. stocks at a rapid clip as ongoing market volatility and trade tensions push them to seek safety among less risky assets such as U.S. Treasurys. Nearly $20 billion was pulled from long-term mutual funds and exchange-traded funds focused on large-cap stocks in June, handing those funds their biggest month of outflows in at least a decade, according to data provider Morningstar LLC. Outflows across the stock market have continued into July, though the pace has somewhat slowed.

Meanwhile, investors pulled about $55 billion over the same period from equity funds, pools that invest in specific stock sectors and strategies that blend stocks and bonds together, according to Morningstar’s data.

At the same time, asset managers including investment giantBlackRock Inc. have recently reported a substantial slowdown in inflows. Money coming into passive funds that track the market dropped 44% through the first half of 2018, Morningstar said.

No doubt but a daily chart move could be as simple as a reactionary move, a correction from an earlier week move, indecision, etc. So usually points to nothing. Remember that Trump has an economic team behind him. With some of the best in the world. Every decision he makes has been carefully calculated. On top of being a businessman himself. The outflows do not correlate with a vibrant economy. My guess is that the money will be redistributed back in the next month or two. Those moves were preemptive on assumptions that the economy will slow following a tariff war. And it can. But so far, no data released points to that.
By the way these market moves happened a few times on Obamas’ watch. His response was that he does not govern the country using the stock market. Nor does the stock market determine his goals.

And you assume that stock buyers know what they are doing? The stock market is the home of speculation. Nothing more. What operates there is the herd instinct

Whether they know or not, is irrelevant when the outflows are as significant as they are. Do institutional investors operate with the herd mentality as well? The issue here is about how the markets reacted to the “historical” news, nothing more nothing less. I suggest you study what a “market mover” is.

The reality of the net effect is that when all is truly analyzed, USA GDP would be a net 2% and not the much touted 4%. The “herd mentality” investors do not know that and their actions barely trend for months. Who is it that actually buys US treasuries? Foreign governments and institutions that matter not ordinary traders who would get next to nothing in return from small investments in the same.

If institutional investors are such geniuses, how come the facebook shares dipped just yesterday? Why did they value Facebook shares so high? Were they so uninformed about Facebook fundamentals that they had overvalued it by so much? Trump haters just can’t admit that Trump is doing his country good.

Stocks fluctuating towards corrections is not indicative of a bear market. I don’t like or hate Trump, I like my career better. Whether uptick or downtick all I need is profits.

There are many stocks trading at multiples of book value. Perhaps you can expound on which institutional investors? Its forecast is still solid just lower. Can you cite which institutional investors lost their investment by selling? Anyone in the know who saw GPDR, US and Foreign hearings, actions by China touching Facebook would know that revenue would be lower. Only novices in for the short haul would have panicked and sold. Its valuation is still at its 2017 levels. Your argument is neither here nor there.

Talk of things you know, not hypothetical knee jerk responses, again what does that have to do with institutional investors gravitating towards US treasuries?

We only deal with facts, not emotions, unlike some Trump supporters who are so blinded by hysteria and delusion that they cannot see the simple facts for what they are.

Once again, another gem, from guess where? Trump’s own government! Are you going to predictably brand them haters?

[SIZE=7]U.S. First-Quarter GDP Growth Revised Down to 2% on Services[/SIZE]

Wakiona /news/ watashout fake news…